Rain water ph keeps changing

Hi. I’m using collected rain water which hasn’t been sitting around as it’s been quite wet here recently. I’m growing in Sohum living soil so thought a good accompaniment would be fresh rain water. I’m ph testing it at 7.4 which is similar to my tap water. Earlier this year it was down to 6 which would solve my next problem. I’m ph ing it down to the low 6ies but it just creeps back the next day. Should I keep doing it or will the soil buffer it well enough?

Living soil is a little different that you don’t ph. The micro organisms and bacteria buffer the soil automatically. From my understanding. I’ll tag @Budbrother to verify. (Living soil guy) @Mrcrabs


No need to ph, with a healthy micro heard. Your ph will self regulate to suite their needs.

Let me get this straight; you’re pH’ing your rainwater? How much water? What are you using to ph water? What type of container do you use?

@Budbrother . . . I think he’s PH’ing it & then storing it, only to find that the PH has gone UP the next day. But, that’s normal for it to go up if it sits. If he wants to store it, just filter out any debris & store it. Then PH it when you’re ready to use it.

Collecting in a plastic water butt. Either way rain collected in glass jar using a funnel still has 7.6 ph reading.

Just a note. I am using Blumat drippers so I have a plastic reservoir above the tent with 5 or so litres to feed the drippers. I need to keep the water in the tank to constantly feed the drippers as this is the best way to keep the soil watered apparently.

Good question… I’ve never check the ph or ppms in my rain water… or. Even runoff… From my understanding the Soil pH wil not change as rapidly in soils that are high in organic substance…The more organic substances you have in your soil will help slow down the fluctuations of the soil ph and keep it neutral… a natural way of buffering… hope this helps…:dash::dash:

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my rain water tote

I’m using a no till method… as you can see the seeding is planted into the same pot that I just harvested … not disturbing the root zone which has already established a micro heard and mycorrhiza which will give the seeding a head start


Thanks and yes this helps. I’ve heard this from someone else so I guess I shouldn’t worry so much.

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You should be good… lots of people have used that soil before… I wouldn’t sweat it to much…

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