Rain water collection

Morning Growers,

Anyone out there have a recommendation for rain water collection that they’re “using” (not something you saw on the web). I have been collecting water in a bunch of giant bowls designed for popcorn and such. I simply sit them out on my patio deck when I know it’s going to rain, but this is not as effective as I’d like. During last nights storms in Illinois I managed to get 3 gallons of rain water that I’ll use as foliar spray and such. When the Mrs saw this she lost her mind about these bowls bla bla bla :joy:. Esthetically pleasing would be ideal, but I’m not unrealistic.

Could use a recommendation for a rain water collection system that you’re using and find efficient. Ideally enclosed so bugs can’t enter the tank.


We have 55 gal barrels under our gutter downspouts.
We simply shortened up the downspout so a barrel fit under it.
Will fill up with a good rain in one day.
Example…not mine but similar…


Rain barrel from home depot. Cut hole in top, caulked in stainless steel screen.
Drain in the fall. Sanitize with some bleach in the spring.


Brilliant, thank you both @beardless @Spiney_norman

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