Rain in June causing mold on gscx auto. Any advice?

Hi all I’m growing gscx autos outside in Massachusetts it rained for a few days and yesterday I found mold at top cola! I cut it off hoping it doesn’t come back. My question is. Is there a way to avoid this what can I do ? I have 4 others can it spread ? Should I dry them off after it rains? I know someone will know something thank you.

Have a tarp or bags you can cover the plants with in case this happens.

Don’t allow it to rest ontop of the plant. @Oldguy could probably give some tips on what he uses in these types of conditions

I used to give mine a good shaking after the rains to get the most water off of the plant as possible


Thank you @PharmerBob I’ll do the bag thing. I shake them but still wet I’m going out with some paper towels now haha.


Thanks for the tag @PharmerBob

@Vegeta420 Large recycling bags work great if you can find them. I’ve got some here that are 48x 50 in. Put them over top before it rains if you can.
The good shaking like bob said above after the rain stops.
Any way you can get a fan on them ?
Might help some too.
Peroxide and water mix 50/50 sprayed on it will help slow it down.

Should definitely consider a bud wash at harvest to cover any stray spores before drying and curing.

Good luck. :pray:


Great advice I’ll try it out thank you!


If only you could get them to do this

That would help!!
What the others have said is all I could have offered, if my head tells me anything later I’ll be back (like a brain fart)


@Vegeta420 rain don’t make mold, is just free flushing for you plant, I have one outdoor and was rain for 3 days nothing happens

Your lucky


@pillsbury not to lucky the win kill that plant, but rain a lot just make you plant get flush

Rip I pray for you my girl in the sky but you soul go to other seed hope I have other auto like that with 4 ft tall


When it rains humidity levels are elevated, this is when you run into problems. If it rains for an extended period of time (few days in a row) you increase the chance of bud rot and mold, especially late in flower.


@pillsbury haha that would be great haha. Yea rained 3 days straight no sun got bud rot and shes well into flower @Mefis think you got lucky.

I’m going to try the bag approach see what happens. I can definitely run an extension cord to the garden with a fan but I’ll only do that if I cant get a bag on them. I was really only expecting it late September October. Thanks to everyone for the help!

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Always make you involved like defoliation to don’t make you plant evaporated water and look her every day but mother of nature are different cuz she was healthy until she was to heavy on top not leaf about 3/4 of the plant move sometimes indoor, plants are like humans you trade and look with all love she be happy I hear ppl said a lot of humidity but same way I hear ppl be on 70% of humidity on all stage and like you said luky or myth

If you do please run it from an outlet with a GFI protected outlet. An it looks small enough to cut it out of the bud, make sure you get it all an clean it with H2o2 & water mix after, tools too.

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@pillsbury I cut it out and the stem as far as i could to get fresh looking stem. Should I wait till sun goes down to use the peroxide water mix?


Don’t put a bag over them if they are already wet it will increase humidity and cause bud rot on entire plant. You can use an easy up canopy but use a clear plastic tarp over it instead of the one the comes with it. You can even drape some over the sides to help keep rain out. You can put it up and take it down pretty fast with two people and you can have a fan running running in there too, if you want.


If they are already wet go for it an then shake them off. If not wait till sundown.

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