Rain and preventing rot and mold


Hi everyone. This is my first year growing and I’m up in oregon. I’ve got an obama kush that is around 3-4 weeks out from harvest and a sunset sherbet that is about 3-4 weeks behind that plant. The rain has begun here in oregon and while I chose both strains because it said they were resistant to mold I am a rabid first time grower who tries to do everything I can for the girls. So I currently have 3 fans out in the greenhouse, 2 stationary and one rotating. High 60’s to low 70’s during the day and mid to low 40’s at night. I only wet the plants themselves when I release a round of ladybugs for pest control (released 2nd batch of 1500 yesterday). Does that all sound good? Should I do anything different? Thanks in advance.


It sounds like you’re doing everything possible for them.


The fans you’re using for air circulation is a good idea. It also might be a good idea to move air through and out of your enclosure with an outtake fan.


Because the greenhouse is open on the bottom I didn’t think that was needed as plenty of air is exchanged naturally.


You’re doing just the right things.

Well done on your first grow.

Best regards and good luck.