Raiders of the lost larf

Only one go at it so far. I kept a clone for a mother. Shes doing good hanging with the houseplants. Hopefully I can take some more clones after this run.

If you see one is doing great and you didn’t clone you can take clones all the way up to harvest. Takes some time to reveg but man do they bush out once they do.

That’s a monster

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Wolf pack is starting to swell and frost up. The smell has changed from a burt rubber to a sour lemon skunk mix. Really nice stacking on the buds, they are looking very traffic cone shaped.

Sour diesel is a week behind but seem to be gaining on the wolf pack quickly. The smell is starting to become like a fresh cut Douglas fur pine. These buds are opposite of the wolf pack. Very round looking, about as wide as they are tall. This plant will be getting flushed and a major haircut Saturday.

Strawberry gary only 1 week into flower so nothing much going on there. Just training everyday and tucking leaves.


Bodhi wolf pack starting to make some diamonds


Looking beautiful :heart_eyes:

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