Radical neon pink-magenta hairs


If you apply it wet, the water evaporates, leaving a film of dry powder all over the area you sprayed. It’s more effective than sprinkling dry powder on leaves, as it will actually adhere to the leaves. It will stay there for quite a while, dry. And bugs hate it… since it dissolves their exoskeleton :upside_down_face:.

But yes, on the ground, if it gets wet, it turns into a paste of gunk, and you need to reapply it around the plant.


That is really good to know. I have had a lot of bugs, of all sorts, sampling my leaves this summer. Nothing to serious, but after she went into flower, I stopped applying anything, some of my leaves have been munched a little, but the Queen is still going strong down the home stretch.


@zparkie2 , the ingredients are, 0.5 water soluble MAGNESIUM, derived from Magnesium Nitrate.
Also contains Nonplant food ingredients.
0.5%, D-Goloclose (Microbe food)
7%, D-Ribose (Microbe food)
1%, D-Xylose (Microbe food )
4%, Glucose (Microbe food)
1.6%, Moltose (Microbe food)
I’m not a Chemist, but that looks like a lot of sugars, and carbohydrates. All that sugar, should make the buds really fat , and taste really good.


That’s why I add molasses to my tea/nutes every other feeding while they’re flowering. Lots of sugars to feed the microbes.
If I add too much though it makes the top layer of soil crunchy/brittle, and outdoors it can attract bugs.
DE is great if you don’t mind the mess. I’m a big fan of neem oil during veg. I find pests might stop by for a bite, but they usually get discouraged quick. :nauseated_face: