Raccoon issues, thoughts?


last year had some issues that I want to avoid this year. as like any year I go out and prefill the holes where gonna plant. there was probly a week before got plants in.
I really like keeping an eye on things once in ground. went out to check 2 days after planting and 1 of the 6 plants was dug up. so I didn’t think to much about it, just replanted and figure all should be well.
then went to check next spot. again 1 of 6 was dug up. replanted and started wondering on walk to next spot. 2 of the 4 there were dug up. again replanted and started crossing fingers.
2 days later I went to check on things. every one that I replanted was dug up again. was getting pissed and perplexed. what is doing this and why.
set some traps out next to dug areas. I caught so many raccoons. while trapping, those same holes were redug up over and over.
I ended up taking some barbed wire and wrapping around 5 gal bucket, making rings and then placing them on the dug up holes.
for some reason they still tried digging holes back up. sadly none of those plants survived the hell they was going threw.
all the holes were filld with same mixture, been using for years.
holes weren’t dug up before plants went in.
I sprinkled the sulfar around, nothing seemed to stop them. once I stopped trying to replant, they left all alone.
any thought of how to avoid this without sitting there with rifle?


How many have you caught so far? I’ve seen coon families with up to 20 members but most have 4-6.


the 1 spot I caught 10 in 7 days.


@patch67 I had the same problem with some autos last year. I planted 3 and 2 kept getting dug up. I think i replanted 3x before giving up. Now, I keep my head shaved and collect the hair, sprinkle around plants and urinate around them. I had more hair around the one that didn’t get dug up. Don’t know if it was just luck of the drawl out of the 3 or if the hair/urine helped


Lordy, I would say keep trapping. The family will run out of members at some point. They aren’t scared away from much so if they think there is food they will keep coming back…

Strange though, I had a family of 4 around my house. They got in my little greenhouse and I could see their foot prints in the potting soil, but they never chewed on or messed with any of the plants


A .223 might help,lol


didn’t try the hair. left plenty of my scent there.


@HornHead I was just going to tell @patch67 something similar :grimacing: Since I’m NOT going to shave my head I’m going to ask my local hair chopper to save me some hair. And at my age I’m sure I can provide plenty of urine :rofl:. Between deer, raccoons, coyote, rabbits and feral cats I’m going to give it a try :+1:. I was just reading about this today. Also thinking of using some neem oil :thinking:


once I gave up and stopped filling back in. they left every thing else alone.


I love critters. ill even let them get some garden stuff. but when you start messing with my bud, its war.


Wow, I have a family of 4 who come every night. I hope they aren’t tokers like yours.


@patch67 I’ll keep this in mind if I ever guerilla grow. Not related to cannabis, but when I had chickens I caught 14 raccoons over a period of a week or two! Once two at a time! I relocated them to the middle of no where. But they still got 14 chicken nuggets. They were just past the chick stage. Pissed. I would suggest to continue to trap. Welcome to ILGM.


We hardly ever see raccoons around here, because we have so many coyotes. I think we may also have deer because something has come during the night and stripped an avocado seedling right to the ground a few times. The bigger problem is wood rats. They have chewed there way under our house, so I set up a rat trap inside of some concrete blocks along their path. Caught two so far and the trap has not been sprung for days.

My outside grow is in a chain link cage with a locked gate, so caterpillars are a bigger problem that anything else. But the grow is legal in my state.


Awesome pic


I have had issues with coons for bit. the worse time was when 1 fell threw my ceiling. omg you don’t want a wild coon in your house. once got her dealt with, realized I had 4 baby coons in attic. get them out is a crazy story ill share later, hint, another coon showed up when babies started crying.
its been a number of years since had a hard winter, prior to this year. hoping since had some really cold weather this year it will kill off some of the older coons.


Good luck @patch67
Coons are smart bastards as well
Best to fence off a area and do tour best to keep them out
Maybe some cat litter around perimeter or even dog waste ?
But tbey are determined buggers short of killing them off you might be fighting a up hill battle
Or maybe you need to plant a crop of there favorite veggies near by so they leave the mj alone lol
And remember the have built in masks dude hahahaha born bandits


Doesn’t work as a deterrent. I’m speaking from experience. FYI coons can and will kill kittens.


cant really use anything that give away my location. luckly I have this gamo .22 pellet gun. bought after messing up eye and needed to learn to shoot left handed.


forgot pic


That should help