R0ck’s 3rd Grow

The lights are at 100%

Morning pic


The plants on the left showcase the weakness of the Autopot system. The one in the back is sensitive to nutrients and the one in the front is constantly demanding more. I can tell the nute hungry plant, which was drooping a couple of weeks ago, is starting to show signs of being hungry at 75% Jacks 321. Meanwhile, shorty in the back is a darker shade of green and will likely not respond well if I bump up to 100%. Damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

Is there any way to address this?

I’m not an autopot guy, but I’d consider top feeding the hungry girl every couple of days with a stronger nute solution.

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IMO you should be on 100% jacks by now. What I have done for situations like yours is make the finicky ones up their own batch in a gallon jug that caters to the demand. With that I will add it straight to the tray. I don’t shut off the rez supply to that plant I just add right into the tray. It’s surprising how much you can add in and not over fill it.

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Woke up this morning and water had leaked out of my reservoir, probably a couple of gallons I’m guessing. I’m not sure if there is a leak, or if the water got low and the water pump was just blasting water out.

Fun way to start the morning.

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@R0ck Mondays right!?!? :rage:

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Lol yes, sir. Strained my back deadlifting yesterday, today I spend the first hour of my day cleaning up water.

Ready for the weekend

Thank you for this tip. That option didn’t even occur to me.

I decided to up it to 100% across the board, and so far the plants are doing fine. I’m switching them to flower this weekend anyway, so their nutrient demand should go up anyway.

At 100%, all of the plants looked really good this morning.

I’m 6’2 and one of the plants is well above my hip, I don’t think I’ve had a plant that tall in my previous grows even at the end of flower.

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Current plan:

  1. Final veg. defoliation Saturday + last round of spraying (this one will be Deadbug).

  2. Put trellis netting on Saturday evening… I’ve never done a trellis before, but my plan is to put the net just below the top of the tallest plant, and then feed the branches through as they stretch in flower. I’m not trying to fill out the entire

  3. Switch to flower schedule on Sunday

One of the last busy weeks before coasting to harvest.

The Aquapot has saved me an untold amount of time so far even with the leak yesterday!

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Day 50 above ground

A little of what looks like a calcium/magnesium deficiency on the plant that has been demanding more nutrients than the others (front left), but since I’ve bumped Jacks to 100% this week I’m waiting to see if the issue resolves. That plant is just a nutrient hungry plant and has suffered during veg, because the other plants are good with less nutes AND I’m not confident enough to mess with the Jacks formula to try and address the issues. Anyway, I expect we will be good in flower, but we shall see.

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Day 55
June 25th Day 52 switched to flower

Few updates (I’ve had my reservoir tip over with about 15 gallons in it, and it flooded 3 days before that). So, learning experience with the watering system… Completely user error.

Anyway, here they are last Friday when I installed a Trellis net for the first time. Plants looked like they were just over the veg stage, and more so the jacking around of nutrient levels.


Here they are tonight pre defoliation


I am just trying to keep an even canopy and open up the middle of the plants.