R0ck’s 2nd Grow

This will be my second grow journal and second attempt at growing. Last time, I finished at slightly under 1 pound with the help of many great posters:

This time, we should get off to a much better start… I have a tent for starters and lights, so we won’t be tracking sunlight window sill to window sill for the first 3 weeks like we did last time…

Tent: 4x4 VivoSun
Lights: 2x HLG 260W
Nutrients: TBD, most likely Advanced Nutrients
Soil: Happy Frog

Follow along if you please!


I will be following the guide written by @Hellraiser pretty much to a T for this grow, particularly in the opening weeks. His thread made the success of my first grow possible, and I look forward to seeing what I can do following his lead from the start.

So, I had 5 seeds from Pacific Seed Bank… Alaskan Thunder F***, which I will refer to as ATF going forward.

  1. Soaked the seeds in tap water for 24 hours
  2. Added Perlite to Happy Frog Soil, filled 5 solo cups
  3. Watered each cup with 4 ounces of water pHd to 6.5
  4. With my pinky, eyeballed a 1/2 inch hole in the soil, placed seeds in holes, lightly covered, and then sprayed soil with 7 sprays of the same water used to water the soil
  5. placed in tent about 32” below light, which is dimmed to approx. 1/2 strength



48 hours later, we have some sprouts!

So, we are off to a good start. Hopefully, the other 2 plants will pop up and join the party by the end of the weekend.


Let’s set some goals for this grow…

Like I said, I grew just under a pound my first grow. I’m growing a different strain this time around, but let’s shoot to exceed the 1 pound barrier!

I want to grow more top shelf flowers. I had my own A, B, C, D ranking system last time around… I had a lot more C than A/B buds. Maybe that’s just the way it is, or maybe I can try to grow larger, denser buds this time around .


Good luck


Watching if that’s ok


Of course!

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This is why I’ve moved from cleaning the bottom third of the plant to more like cleaning the bottom half of the plant of bud sites, minimizing C and D grade buds. But it’s a balance, remove more bud sites and yield goes down while bud size/quality goes up.


The other side of things is that the D grade buds- which to give you an idea were very small/larfy buds that I deemed not worthy of the time to trim- ended up creating incredible gummies. Combined with the trim from each plant, I ended up with about 1.5oz./plant for what we can call “byproducts.”

Every 1oz. Can be turned into about 40 good quality, potent gummies. (I will provide the exact figure today after I cook up my second batch). In my personal product testing, one of these gummies was enough to have me ‘wilin.


@Green707Thumb get your butt in here!

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Here’s my :peach: - it’s in here now :nerd_face:

Lol so we basically doing this side by side with Papa @Hellraiser watching over - sweeeeet lol


Nice, I’ll follow your thread and help if I can with all of my <1 years experience!

Best of luck, friend!


Id like to follow your journey as well ! I got faith in you

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Awesome, the more the merrier!

Speaking of awesome, all 5 seeds have sprouted as of this morning, so I’m going to call today Day 1 of the grow!

Day 1 11/25 Update:

Have to look closely, but they are up I promise!

I’m going to give them a few days to shed their seed shells and get their legs before turning the 6” fans on low to get some airflow and help build their strength.


Mind if I lurk around? :sunglasses:

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I would mind if you didn’t!


I’m in, good luck Rock!

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Cooked up some gummies tonight and made a right mess of it. Guava + strawberry flavored. That red color is like my favorite red I’ve ever seen.

Ended up with 30 gummies + 1 and 1/3 butter sized bars lol since I only have 2 gummy trays. All from jjst 1oz. of trim/larf.


Day 2 Update 11/26

As you can see, quite a bit of growth happening with all 5 plants, and luckily we don’t appear to have any stragglers at this point.

Picture taken just after I VERY CAREFULLY removed the seed shells from a couple plants. That’s why you will notice a couple of plants have leaves bent in a bit, they should open now that they can see the light and aren’t being trapped by the shells.


One of the only eds I’ve yet to make - bravo sir :clap:t3: