R0ck’s 1st Grow Journal: NTF and Blueberry

#1 is due to be watered today, #3 in a day or two, so we are good there.

I have a dehumidifier and the extra humidity might a actually help because my drying tent has been between 40 and 44 rH for the most part.

My options are basically:
-Wait until all 3 are done in a week
-Put the two in the drying tent today

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If you like a little couch lock like I do, then I’d do option 1, give em all another week and take together.

My wife and I prefer the euphoric sort of high…

People I’m going to be sharing with like couch lock lol. Since I’m doing 48 hours of dark, I think I’ll pull them today and let the last one cook for a week.

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Felt much better tonight after looking at the two plants again, I think they are fully cooked to our liking… I put them in the tent for 48 to 72 hours of dark tonight! Only one left to go!!

Some trichome pictures and group pics before I removed the back left and front right plants:


Well done :100::100::100::blue_heart::blue_heart:

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Thank you, friend! We are almost across the finish line.

Looking good :+1:

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Very nicely done! Congrats :hotsprings:

@Hellraiser @Green707Thumb

Overall my house and the tent smells like cannabis lol, but I took a close smell of the Blueberry that has been hanging for 2 days and there was what seemed like a hay smell.

Tent has been at about 70-78 and 40-45% humidity while drying. I know I want to get it to like 70 and 50% ideally, but having a very hard time doing that.

  • Quick searches tell me it’s not ideal, but that the cure will remove the smell. Should I be concerned?

@R0ck The real smell of the bud is heavily masked early on in drying, mostly by the excess vegetation/leaf still on the colas - worry not!

Evaluate the smell after the dry trim session and the nugs go into the jars :call_me_hand:



The Blueberry we were talking about is amazing, my friend. My wife said it’s the best weed she has ever smoked, and I am inclined to agree.

Which is amazing because all we have used is the very bottom C grade buds, which I microwaved lol.

Euphoric, focused. Just the way I really like it and her as well. I was reading a book last night and perfectly able to focus and visualize what was happening. For someone whose mind is always wandering, it was a real treat.


No worries, perfectly normal.

Double phew! Thank you!!

I’m a little concerned that this plant got burned a bit (I’ve had temps. over 80 a couple of times lately) and/or this and the other NTF wanted more nutrients than I was giving throughout flowering. The fan leaves have almost completely crisped and I even see some drying sugar leaves, so I’m just holding out as long as I can in the event the buds start to be directly impacted.

I’m not too concerned because I’ve got 3 nearly across the finish line and it’s all icing at this point but that is the best part.


I’m also going to remove all of the dead leaves tomorrow night to get a better idea.

May be best to chop sooner than later if you’re seeing sugar leaf damage imho - wonder what happened?

Should be fine🖖🏼

I am thinking the strain was a lot hungrier than Blueberry… you can see the sheer size of the colas, I think it was just a monster yielding plant and I didn’t keep up with the nutrients. I’m going to re-veg and see if we can’t do better!

Lights off in 9 hours, I’ll send her into 48 hour dark.


Chopped the second Blueberry plant tonight (this is plant #2)


Like Geoge Thurogood says. I trim alone with nobody else.

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Worked from about 8:30 last night until 3:45AM chopping Plant #1 (NTF) and Plant #2 (BB). These two were in the dark for I believe 72 hours or thereabouts, and again I am confident there was a significant increase in trichome coverage after the dark period, so I plan to continue incorporating dark periods in future grows.

Plant #2 Blueberry is the big surprise so far, combination of great trichome coverage and what I think may be the second most yield of my four plants… if this one smokes as well as the other Blueberry, it’s a great candidate for cloning and keeping long-term.

Plant #1 NTF: May not yield as much as I had expected, but trichome coverage improved near the end and I think it will be great…