R0ck’s 1st Grow Journal: NTF and Blueberry

It certainly can be a non-bug issue, very strange thing happening to the new growth that I don’t think is caused by bugs. Almost like it’s sick or has a genetic defect. I’d ride it out for a bit and see if she comes around but chances are she may not as it really doesn’t look like a bug or nute problem at this point. Plants like that one is the reason I always start more plants than I’m going to take to flowering, some aren’t going to make the cut.

Strange, huh? Looks like we have a new leading candidate for the cull. Top 4 will make it to flowering, I’ll be lucky to have 4 at this rate!

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If they are Fem beans you can Veg longer to fill the space if you have less than 4 by Flower. It will all work out for you some how. Go with the flow don’t worry you will get threw all just fine. Stay lit :hotsprings:

Thanks for the positivity :slight_smile:

Yeah, this grow has been a mess, so it’s all practice and observation to be sure. I won’t even be upset if I just end up being able to bring the solo cup BlueBerry to flower.

June 9 Update

Pots were lighter today, so I watered them very lightly in a circle around the plants leaving most of the soil untouched as you will see in the pictures. I was also able to give them Nutrients (FF Big Bloom and Grow Big + CalMag). I’m very excited to see how they respond. Three plants are looking good, one is a little worrying, and the same 2 plants remain leaders for the cull.

image image

^Solo cup BlueBerry was transplanted into 3 gallon pot, watered about a solo cup worth of water around the plant giving enough width for it to reach for. My best plant by far at transplant stage.

image image


Looking good, they are rich in color and growing nicely. Stay lit :hotsprings:

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Have a microscope being delivered tomorrow, afraid that funky plant might have broad mites and it’ll be lights out on this grow @Hellraiser

Already removed 4 plants from the tent to be safe, the 2 remaining look healthy, but I may be setting fire to this house here shortly.

Broad mites, that’s about the only pest I’ve never had and looking up some pictures of its damage sure does seem similar to what’s going on with your plant, the neem oil should take care of that, treat all your plants with it.

After reading more about broad mites, I think I would dispose of the affected plant immediatly and treat your other plants with neem weekly.

I’ve heard it might be the worst of all pests too lmbo.

I removed 4 plants that showed any sign whatsoever of issues, the two that remain were the healthiest looking and you better believe I doused everything within sight in Neem Oil. I’ve read about some other stuff on this board to kill mites dead, but I’ll wait to confirm that’s what I have.

In all honesty, if I do and they are on healthy plants I think I’ll start over after a thorough disinfecting campaign.


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Yeah that is a bummer and why I start using neem oil as a pest preventative early in the plant’s life.

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Alright, so it has been a while since I updated this grow journal because I was a little disheartened and just looking forward to my second grow, which would be my first real one because my current plants spent their first 3 weeks in a window sill lol.

Anyway, after getting two microscopes, I now believe I do not have an infestation, or if there was one I currently have it under control. We are back to four plants in the tent…

I started noticing obvious signs of nutrient burn, so what I think happened stems back to my first disastrous watering/feeding after transplanting to 3 gallon pots: I gave each plant a full gallon of water and 1/4 strength FF trio, except for Tiger Bloom… AND I had the water pH too low at 5.8 (bad internet advice)…

So, I flushed all four plants last night (4 hours of work holy crap). I’m growing in ProMix and the runoff pH was 5.6 for each plant, so I flushed until I got it to 6.1 for each plant AND the ppm is around 290-300 for each. No nutrients were given, except Cal-Mag for one plant.

I’m mostly going to leave the plants alone for at least a week and let them recover and hopefully catch up on growth missed through this entire ordeal. I am rotating treating them with Spinosad, Neem Oil, and peroxide/water every couple of days to prevent pests and ensure if there was an infestation that it is managed. I also have some Green Cleaner, which I’m going to spray at some point.

This has been a learning experience, frustrating, but right now encouraging because a lot of new growth I am starting to see looks perfectly healthy.

Sounds like you’re on the right track, and with good new growth hopefully well past the hard times. Hang in there with it.

Another great day today. New growth looks beautiful and the plants seem to be taking off growing again while making a recovery from the pH issues that I think caused them to get burned up.

image image image

@Hellraiser Top right plant is about twice the height as the rest, I am thinking about doing some LST to tie it down and let the others catch up a bit. Do you have any thoughts on that? I might play around and LST then top the new growth since it is so tall.

Really lost the joy for a few days there, but I’m feeling hopeful again.


This was great advice for this grow :slight_smile:

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Looks like their coming around, yeah LST would be good to keep your taller one from getting too much taller than the others.

Did some LST and removed a lot of fan leaves that were blocking light or laying on other leaves on the super tall plant. Quite a challenge to not remove too much lol.



Things are looking up compared to a couple weeks ago when I thought the grow may be doomed. Have done some removal of fan leaves blocking tops and some LST to just experiment and learn how these amazing plants work.


image image image

Continuing down the road to recovery. Fed tallest plant 1/4 strength FF Nutrients and 1teaspoon Cal/Mag. 6.5 pH, 825 PPM.

These plants have had rough lives, so I’m babying them a bit until flower in 25 days or so (would be 10 weeks from sprout). Easing into feeding and will do mostly LST and some clearing of leaves blocking tops until the switch.


Looking great bud, keep at it! Make sure those fans are blowing above the tops.

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Thank you!

I have one blowing across the top and one blowing across the bottom. I have a oscillating tower fan back home that I’m going to hang upside down this week. I’m having difficulty finding the sweet spot for air flow because I can only run my exhaust fan at 1/10 or else temps drop down to like 69-72 and plants down grow as fast as 78-80.

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