R0ck’s 1st Grow Journal: NTF and Blueberry

What Groda Hell said :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:


Trimmed 4.46OZ. tonight from Plant #3 (NTF).

Falling dangerously behind on my goal for a pound lol. In any case, great smoke and I’m thrilled with it.


Hell yea its all about quality bby and it looked like you nailed that :nerd_face:

Yeah, the quality is great. Both strains are the best I’ve ever had for their respective effects:

NTF is a body high, very relaxing but with when it was picked it doesn’t produce too much couch lock, though you’re happy to stay on the couch.

Blueberry is euphoric, very happy and uplifting… you can focus just fine while feeling… just fine.

The quantity will come with experience. Really need to work on pumping the plants with nutrients, I never fed more than 1/4 strength FF trio and I think that impacted the yield, particularly in the last 2 weeks for NTF where we all watched the plants rapidly cannibalize fan leaves for nutrients.

I was always afraid of over feeding. I’m hoping with a much healthier vegetative stage, I’ll be able to get the nutrients pumped up.


I’ll be here to offer my two cents on your future runs bruh :vulcan_salute:

And my first penny thought would be ditch FF nutes :grin: :joy: :joy:

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I want to switch to Advanced Nutrients…

If I’m able to successfully clone these TE-vegging ladies I will run the clones on AN.

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@Green707Thumb @Hellraiser

So, I’ve been working my way up toward 65% humidity using the paper towel method. Most of the jars are there…

Do I just start taking the lid off and putting it back daily on until it works its way down to 62 over the next few weeks?

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Overall update: I have 16 mason jars between the four plants and most of them are full with none less than half. I’ll update with a cured weight if I can stop grabbing samples :frowning:

Things are mostly great, but my plants definitely dried out too quickly hence my effort to bring the humidity up in the jars. I have a lot of work to do to improve the last 4 weeks or so of my next grow. Harvest needs to be improved as well.

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Yes, just open the jars for a few minutes a day for gas exchange and let the RH work slowly back down to about 62. First week I open daily, second week, every couple days. then a couple times in week 3 should be good, then I keep them sealed up until I want to smoke them. I prefer to smoke buds with a minimum of 3 months jar time, chlorophyll taste will be all gone by then and the flavors start shining thru.

Drying and curing is all about judging when the buds are dry enough to put into air tight containers, don’t want too wet (mold risk) or too dry (harsher smoke, won’t cure as well). You’ll know better for next time, now that you’ve been thru it. Cut them buds off just a little earlier.

For first timers, a little dry is better than too wet and losing it to mold.


Awesome thank you!

In trying to figure out what went wrong, I have a theory:

  • Soil was too dry when I placed them in 48 hour dark period, so I think the flowers were more dry than they should have been when I cut and hung them.
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Yeah that could have done it. Don’t want wet feet going into the darkness but don’t want them bone dry either. Next time feel the buds as well, want them kinda dry on the outside but with some moisture in the inside still, take a day off your dry time and it would have been perfect for setting up for slow dry and curing.

A then and now:

I’ll post a summary and final numbers for my first grow after curing is a little closer to being done. Going to come up just short of a pound I believe, but considering I said I would be happy if I managed to grow one smokable bud, I am over the moon. The quality is great, the quantity will come.


Congrats. Outmotherfreakinstanding :+1: :v:

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Thats awesome. Congratulations :champagne:


This is one of my Blueberry flowers, on my grading system it was an “A”

I can’t quite capture the really awesome blueish purple color, but in any case it still looks pretty IMO


I think it looks very pretty sir :fire:

Looks like a job well done !