R0ck’s 1st Grow Journal: NTF and Blueberry

@R0ck Poooorn worthy - loving these naked ladies buddy, bust them scissors out! you gots work to do, the good kind :clap: :clap: impressive grow homie

You got some great buds there!

Excellent grow, man. Those buds look awesome.

That’s why it took me so long last night, I didn’t do a complete trim but got rid of as many dead leaves as I could get to and cut a lot of fan leaves off that were pretty much already dried out.

My wife was asleep before I even started god bless her. I’m already expecting to spend my entire weekend trimming, but I’m enjoying the process.

Thank you for the compliment, your help these last few weeks, and encouragement. It has helped me get through the tricky late flowering stage.


Thank you, friend. As you know, I’ve been pretty strictly following your advice since about week 4 of veg., and I certainly owe the success of this first grow to your guidance. You made it simple to understand and implement and I’m very grateful for the time you have spent answering my questions.

For my second grow, I’m going to try to follow your recent grow and focus on fewer, large colas.

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You are very welcome. You did a great job, specially after some of the issues you encountered early on but you presevered and got it done, congrats on the amazing harvest!

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The second line shuolda been, because, I trust nobody else. Outmotherfreakingstanding :+1: :v:

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Trimmed and weighed 2.96OZ. from the pretty Blueberry plant (plant #4). Expected the low yield, but the potency and high are great, so I’m excited to clone and improve on that yield.


Sounds respectable from my seat at the table! Congrats :hotsprings:

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Agreed :+1:

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3 zips of true :fire: is wayyyy better than an elbow of meh all day every day my dude wish I could sample summadat :vulcan_salute:t3:

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If you’re ever in So Cal let me know :slight_smile:

So far 3 people sampled and loved it, so I think we are off to a great start. A great, euphoric high.

Should reach a pound!


@Green707Thumb @Hellraiser

I put the caps on the Mason Jars at 3:45AM, and about 7 or 8 hours later when I checked the humidity in all 3 jars was reading 45% :flushed:

Should I give it a full 24 hours to see what it reads before getting worried?

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Add 1-2 fresh leaves to the jars if you have any around - can also dampen a paper towel piece, etc but try to use something to naturally raise the RH

Small piece of fresh orange/lemon rind, etc but may affect smell/taste

I always wait for 24 hours to see where it levels off at, then see what is needed, if under 60, add some moisture,

If I trim a plant over a couple of days, can I add buds to the same jar over those days, or would that be uncouth?

That would be fine, the humidity will all equalize pretty quick.

Lol awesome I’ve had multiple nights being up until 4:00AM harvesting and trimming. I could barely see straight today.


@Hellraiser @Green707Thumb

Humidity held around 47%, so it looks like I over dried the first plant.

Would you guys recommend just sticking with the humidity as is, or should I try to bring it up?

My understanding is that with humidity at this level, the cure is already effectively done, so at this point I’m just trying to determine what is best for long-term storage. The weed is still :fire: so I’m happy with it, I’m just trying to figure out best way to store it.

I did put 1/4 moist paper towels in this morning, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it.


I’d add moisture via the paper towel method, I like the way buds smoke at around 60%RH and it’ll still help with curing a bit, the moisture still helps break down the chlorophyll. Get it over 62RH so they don’t dry too much when opening the jars daily for some gas exchange, then long term storage anywhere from 58-62RH.