R my lights to close,,260 rspecs

Hi everyone, I’m back with another question, I almost wanted to long to go to 12 and12,and my 3 gsc are only about 14 inches from my lights, I’m in the beginning of week 3 and been trying to tie down some of branches, they are getting harder to bend and was wondering if I need to figure out a way to raise the light, or if they stop stretching is 14 inches to close, and does light cause whit hairs to start changing to Amber, I thought it was a little to early, appreciate any advice.

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My lights are 260 rapes from hlg

Rspec,sorry auto shit gets me everytime

Your plants will have a growth spurt the first few weeks of flower so you may have to try a combination of raising the lights and/or tying down the plant. The stretch is usually completed at about the 4th week into flower.

look up the effect really good leds have on buds if they are too close. i didnt.

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K,You answered my question exactly, TY for you response, I wasn’t sure How long the stretched lasted., peace everyone

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Will do thank you@pptrsha@fixerpower,for you input, as usual sounds like good advice.