Apparently Subcool has passed away yesterday from complications with his rare genetic disorder. In 2013, Subcool was diagnosed with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, a genetic form of emphysema and a progressive lung disease. He moved from Oregon to California for better weather—and “because I had always dreamed of living in Sonoma County where any adult could cultivate 30 plants per household, and that’s exactly what we did,” he tells me. “I’m technically disabled and my lungs only have 70 percent capacity. Growing is hard work, so I have to depend on others to lift and carry things. When I’m really sick, I am hooked to an oxygen concentrator and can barely walk.”

I had just recently seen a few videos he was in on YouTube and he definitely wasn’t looking the greatest but damn still a shock he’s suddenly gone. He was definitely a cannabis legend in my opinion I don’t care about all the stories involved with his personal life between him and mz jill etc… I just focused on his canna contributions and you could tell it was his passion. I will leave this link as it’s a good read on him if it’s not approved sorry in advance mods!


RIP Subcool…you will be missed. :frowning:


I really want to try his Jack the Ripper, but it’s hard to find seeds for it. With his death, his genetics are probably going to become even more highly sought after.

Anybody here have stories about their experience with his genetics?


I unfortunately haven’t grown any of his strains I have smoked jillybean and crazy train both very good! He was a legend though especially with giving back to the community of growers and cannabis communities.


As well as introducing the world to supersoil and good soil recipes.


Damn, that sucks. This news seems to happen more and more the older I get… I wonder why?


Funny, not funny.
I’ve been grappling with that recently.


Sorry to hear it, dont know much about the man. Did get a few strains of his but had a very hard time getting them going. Dropped 5 purgatory and not 1 made it, all I have of his right now is a Deep Purple female and a Top Hat girl (Pennywise x Banana Peels, sounds really interesting, was a new strain they were working on, dont know if it made it to market?).
Thanks Db :+1:


Yes thanks DB.
RIP Subcool, your light will be missed, thank you for everything contributed to the
heart of Mary Jane.
You are free from pain now, fly free

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