QWET, CannaOil, etc

Hope this is the right place.
Tried the freezer QWET method. 10gr bud (White Rhino 20%)in 1.25c Everclear. Did longer than SkunkPharm did. Whole process was about an hour. The color was was extremely light amber. Nothing like the pictures of dark gold that I’ve seen various places. Anyone else have a super light mixture?
2nd Batch is going through an Infusium 420.

Also did 10gr bud (White Rhino 20%) in 1.5 coconut oil. The I420 ground the herb super fine and a light filtering yielded about 97% of starting product. Kept the very little sludge and had some in my coffee. Will see in an hr or two.

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Been a little over an hour and it definitely works! I’m a light user so a dose of 7mg started the race. Almost done with second cup of JO! See where 14-15mg leaves me.