Quietest fan debate

Title says it all, what fan you got, and how silent is it?

ventilation fan or fan blowin’ air around the tent, fan?

extractor fan - got possible nosy neighbours who i don’t want hearing a BZZZZZVRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR all night and wondering what it is.

I used an inline fan for mine from Home Depot or Lowes, forget which. It’s a booster fan. All you hear is the air movement. It’s a 90cfm and I put her on a speed controller so I can quiet her right down to a wisper if I need, but of course less air movement that way.

That works for my 1 plant indoor grow but I forget what your grow looks like? You need a certain cfm to get proper air rotation.

I forgot i figured out what to do last night :slight_smile:
its 1.2 x 2.4 x 2mtall tent
x2 600w MH (hps later on)
250w actual led
21L x 10 bucket system with 9nch ait’s - guna be some monsters i think.

Best idea i ever heard… buy a bigger fan than you need, so an 8inch 600cfm or something ridiculous and then speed control that bitch down to super low :smiley: then it will be working at minimum capacity and be uber quiet.

yep, thats exactly right. Dial it back and as you expand that one fan will carry you right through!

Me personally, I have the 6 inch 90 cfm inline laying around from another project and she was re-purposed.

I think I would stay with the 6 inch and then go with the larger cfm. I think you have more options with 6 inch ducting.

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How do you mean with 6inch ducting? the holes in my tent re 9 - 10 inch you see, so I’m confused why 6inch may have more options.

I’m not an hvac guy or anything. What I meant was availability. I see quite a bit more 6 inch stuff than I do 8 or I haven’t been paying attention, lol. Could just be me.

The old addage always applies, your mileage may vary! YMMV


the holes in tent have draw strings right? you should be able to use almost any ducting with them and with air pumps going ballast fans etc. I don’t think a inline fan can add too much more to your noise level and 6" has far more options costs less and needs less space most of a fans nose is generated by airspeed turbulance through ducts rather than fan itself which can be wrapped in a blanket to reduce it’s noise level. Flex ducts make more noise than rigid and with water bubbling pumps going circulations fans honestly exhaust fan is just a little static in the background

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its going to be hella noisy though Don, and i do have the cheapest unbranded piece of trash you can imagine currently.
I’ll have to figure out how to quiet the bubblers down and get quiet circulation fans. Won’t be so bad in summer as fans on isn’t suspicious, but in the winter… haaa

like I said you can wrap fan to reduce noise it won’t kill the airflow noise through ducts spend in the right place and save some grief

ok… this is interesting… what would you advise wrapping it in?

Fiberglass insulation works nice I barely hear a peep outside my current grow the pumps make more noise than my fan which is located on top of unit the only reason I know fan is running is the airflow inside space

Hyper fan 6 inch 310 cfm with speed controler built in at full speed half a loud as my 4 inch intake no name brand

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Myyyy white person?
Its settled, the 8inch hyper fan is the one, won’t even need to go above 30% :slight_smile:

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I love the one i have about to buy second for intake get rid of the loud one

I’ve heard veryy good things about them, and with a super silent carbon filter and ducting… can’t go wrong man.
My only concern is my neighbour wondering what is bzzzing all night every night, doubt they’d ever put it together, but i don’t want to F myself before i even get started on a big one :slight_smile:

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Right now my tent is 4x2x7
With almost 700 true watts
Tent stays around 73-77 F lights on
63-67 lights out

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I have a a vortex 6" 352 cfm it’s pretty quiet but I can deaden my 460 cfm 6" to same noise level with a blanket :wink: and cost me half as much

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Best part it uses 35 watts at full speed and 5 year warranty

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