Quicky: Do trichomes dehydrate during the drying and curing process?

They don’t appear as fluid as they did on the live plant. More of a solid white stalk than translucent. Also it appears that a lot of them have lost their heads, maybe through handling. Still in the curing stage for a while.

Pleasant evening all…elliot

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It sounds like you might’ve harvested early if they looked fluid on the plant. That sounds like what most refer to as “clear” and the more white look you’re seeing now would be “cloudy.” Not sure without seeing the trichomes, but regardless, to answer your question, you will lose some of the heads as they dry and cure, from handling and from the curing itself. Try to handle them by the stems only, for that reason, and minimize handling as much as possible until they have cured.


Excellent response!

Actually, all of the trichomes at harvest were a cloudy milk white, translucent not transparent. I was starting to get an influx of amber heads as well so I felt the time was then. Now they look as if they’ve solidified as opposed to fluid filled. I was thinking that the drying and curing periods might dehydrate the trichomes as well judging by their appearance. Attached are some images.
My concern is with the white hairy structures on the last image. Is that indigenous to the buds or a mold or fungus of some kind? Please advise.
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That’s wild looking! Is that on a stem, a calyx, or a leaf? They look like tiny, immature trichomes, yet you can see amber on them, too.

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Small bud that I pulled apart to reveal this image. So you feel its natural for the flower nothing invasive?

And do you see how the trichome stalks look dehydrated?

All looks normal to me, except the thin-stalked ones. That’s the part you pulled apart?

A relief. The thin stalked ones I feel look dehydrated. It’s a week hang drying time and three days into curing.
While I got you here, does it matter that my basement’s humidity these days is a solid 64% so when I burp my curing jars there’s no difference for the buds to dry further. I guess I could turn on the dehumidifier and bring the humidity down just before I plan to open the jars. Doesn’t really matter once they’re closed again, right?

Thanks for you incite elheffe702 or anybody’s.
Be well…elliot


That might be tricky! Yes, I think you’d be best to bring it down at least a little. That’s about perfect for drying, though!

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@elheffe702 has got you covered :metal:t2:

I’m betting those hair looking ones are on a stem. I get those on my stems as well


That’s a good bet Bobbyd. Looking at it again, I believe it’s the little nub on the bud where the where it was plucked off the branch.

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There are a few different types of trichs. Weed: What a crazy plant, right?!



I had no idea. Thanks for sharing! :v:

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