Quickest Harvest? Highest THC?

I’m hooked on growing autoflowers. Could you please tell me which Autoflower i will Harvest in the least amount of time? And which Autoflower has the most THC?
Thank you, I’m about to order again and I want to get something different. Last time I got the northern lights and amnesia Haze blueberry combo.

The quickest ILGM autoflower strain is Super Skunk, which has 52 days of flowering. Remember though, that this is not set in stone - just a general guideline.
The highest THC content is Gorilla Glue, with 26% THC.

If you want to compare other strains, I put together a series of comparison spreadsheets for ILGM strains, which you can see here:


THC levels are going to depend on your lighting and your environment. If you maintain a proper VPD, then everything can be frosty.


Too early to sex?

Just a little bit lol. You won’t show signs for 6 weeks or so. The cotyledons are still on that plant haha. Do put up pictures in white light as many people find the blurple hurts eyes. Easier to see in white light.


Awesome will do thank you very much

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Banana Kush 27%

That’s a photoperiod plant. This person is looking at autoflower strains.

shyte your right

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The best and easiest my be gold leaf, high THC with a nice taste. The downfall? Doesn’t have much of a market for resale as it’s a new brand.

Just sell it to someone young, I mean for a while everyone was hyped about hydro like it was a strain not a method that could be any strain.

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