Quick watering question

Using FFOF and FFOF treo, 5gal pots. They are in5/6 week of flower. Runoff has slowed to a trickle (1/2 gal water in every other day) had expected volume of runoff until last 2 watering. Are the plants wanting more water, should I keep adding till I get more runoff or (my concern) is over watering). Don’t want to screw up this late in the game! Help! I have a tendency to over think some times sooooo what an I seeing???


They are needing/using more water, in the fifth week of flower I am water each plant with about 5 gallons and only get a 1 quart of run off. I am in 10 gallon pots…


I was hoping that as opposed to the alternative of pots being plugged up! So I will give them more water. I am using small overflow trays (another lesson just learned) so any negative issues if I spread the additional water a gal or so at a time over a few hours to prevent overflow in the trays??

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Perhaps a bit of clarification is called for…

When I water (during flower mostly), I give each plant 1 - 1.5 gallons of water/nutes first thing in the morning…I wait about an hour and give them straight pH adjusted water, another 1 - 1.5 gallons and an hour of so later I do it one more time. This watering I had to give them another 1 - 1.5 get the runoff than I want. They are drinking like a bunch of sailors.

I don’t adhere to a rigid watering routine, I really let the plant dictate what I am doing.

In my very limited experience, it is difficult to over water in the mid-flower stage. I may not be trying hard enough LOL.


My practices are not always the normal ones, I also feed them very, very heavily and am not able to get the slight nutrient burn that I would like to see. At this stage I am feeding (in excess of recommended dose) every watering, which is not recommended by anyone that I know that grows in soil (FFOF uncut).

I am still new to growing and learning a lot from this forum.

When I water/feed, (I don’t use ff nutes, but I have in the past ) I slowly pour 1qt water around the plant. Then I wait a good 10 min. Then another qt. Then I begin adjusting my nutes to prepare for feeding. This usually takes 20min. If there’s any liquid in the catch basin I suck it out.

Then I add the nutes to the plants 1 qt at a time. Starting at one end and finishing at the other. It’s all slow and boring. I’m in 7 gal pots and each plant tales about 1/2 gal pre water and a full gallon of nutes every 4-5 days.

I usually get 10-20% runoff.


I’m still confused on how you are getting runoff with 1/2 gallon in a 5 gallon pot. Are you using cloth pots?

I look at watering like what would be best in nature.
If I was a plant would I want all the rain in a down pour or would I want 3 squares a day.
Like Merlin and Drinkslingers process
Wet there whistles first and that conditions the soil somewhat preparing it for more later. I make sure when I do water that I cover the entire surface of the soil edge to edge as best as I can and for the final round (Another Round on Me Ladies) make sure the stalk center gets a good drench.
I don’t water for run off. My last grow was in 5 gal clay pots and 5/6 weeks into flower they were taking just under. Gallon With no run off. I would feed until it trickles out and let them suck up what little bit was in saucers assuming I I didn’t overdo the last round.

Anyway sounds like they are doing good and wanting more as the mass of the plant increases she can hold her liquor better and better!

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Sounds good. So I will give them more each feeding (water). I did augment the FFOF with an additional 10% perlite (has it only contains 10% by volume). Juse concerned they were hold water in pots. Just want their feet to dry out a bit and not rot.

Using that FF Trio you need to water to at least 10 to 15% run off
I have 2 in 7 gal pots.the get a gal a day more if they dry too much during the day. I have 5 plants in 10 gal pots that are I super soil grows. They get 2 gals every day and suck everydrop up.
I’m out side they tend to dry out quick.

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Appreciate the tips very much y’all. Definitely going to increase the water in each feeding.

My only nugget of information here is that if you increase the water and it is NOT being consumed within 48 hours then you are using too much and you can lock it out because your roots can’t get enough oxygen. I learned that one the hard way and it took me a while to figure it out. By the time I did I screwed my yield up.

Hence my dilemma

I am in 5 gallon beckets 12 1/4 inch holes in the bottom I come up 3 inches in the side and put 4 1/2 inches and put hokes in the sides kind of square it off 4 sets, when they are in full flower I feed 2 times a week I use a galloon of PH adjusted water (6.5) poured in 1/2 gallon at a time then I come back in around 5 min. or so and water with nukes I use this through the whole grow veg. and flower

Hey Audiofreak

The stage you are plants are at is the stage when the most water is needed. So watering each plant with approximately 5 gallons would be a good option you can take.

This makes no sense to me, I must be missing something! 5 gal of water per plant would have water overflowing the top of the pot with at least several gal. Each watering,literally I might as well just go hydro as the soil and the water would over flow the top of the pot. Talk about “wet feet” the plants would be under water!

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Yea, sorry I misspelled it. 1 - 1.25 gallons of water/nutes each plant is what I had to say.

I heave to agree with you. 5gal per watering is just way to excessive in my opinion. Even in a10 gal pot. The soils only going to hold so much water. Keeping the soil too wet can invite disease in along with other issues
Unless your outside in the desert with 110 degree days

Whew, glad to hear that. Had me concerned! LOL