Quick Wash Ethanol Tincture

Hey, potheads.

Here’s a tried-and-true tincture/hash oil recipe that requires so little equipment and effort, you’re going to find yourself making batch after batch of this stuff, just because you can.

Ready for the the skinny on this ridiculously easy technique?

Here’s what You Need:

-1-3 qt Mason jars with lids
-1 oz of bud or 120-150 gram very snowy sugar leaf trim
-1.5 750ml bottles of ICE COLD Ever Clear or other high proof clear ethanol
-Cheese cloth/unbleached coffee filters/etc
-Fine mesh sieve/strainer
-Pyrex or glass pie plate
-1 qt Pyrex or glass bowl/measuring cup
-Silicone spatula
-Silicone hash box
-4oz dropper bottle
-Dab tool/paper clip/utility knife
-Good Ventilation
-optional heat mat

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Decarb your herb of choice:
    a) pre-heat oven to 230F; place broken up herb into jar(s) and just barely tighten the lid, then back it off just til it moves a bit;
    b) place on tray in oven for 10 minutes, then raise temp to 250F, gently shake jars, and decarb for another 40 minutes;
    c) allow to cool completely, then pop jars into freezer for an hour or til you’re ready to continue.

  2. Add enough frozen Ever Clear to just cover the material in the jar(s) & tighten lid.

  3. Shake the heck out of it for about 3 minutes. Seriously. I mean you should almost injure yourself in this process.

  4. Place it in the coldest part of the freezer for an hour, then shake vigorously for a minute and refreeze for another hour. If you didn’t hurt yourself in step 2, you’ll probably do it, here.

  5. Remove from freezer, shake vigorously, & strain using a cheesecloth/filter drapped over a mesh sieve/glass bowl. I gather up the edges and squeeze with my hands until nothing comes out. Rinse remaining material with another shot or 2 of frozen Ever Clear, if you have any left/feel like it.

  6. Evaporate alcohol: place liquid in shallow glass pie pan & leave in a warm, dark, PROPERLY VENTILATED place for 2-4 days. You can use a warming pad to gently heat it, but too much heat makes disgusting tasting tincture and big black resin blobs, like RSO. I never allow the solution to go higher than 85F or so.

  7. When it’s reduced down to less than a cup of fluid and/or it’s the consistency of sugar water, it’s ready for most uses. The tincture should be golden color, not green & not black.

  8. For hash oil, just don’t mix in all the goo that sinks to the bottom of the pan. Scrape all that up and put it in a silicone container. It should be a brown color, not a black tar. If you get a black tar, you’ve heated it too much and it will taste kind of foul in your edibles.

Don’t forget to have plenty of ventilation!

After straining and sitting on heat mat for 30 mins:

After 24hrs in a pie plate, approx 12 hours spent on warming mat:

After about 36 hours. Top is tincture. Bottom is hash oil:

You should end up with about 4-6 fluid oz, once you’re done. How much hash oil you get depends on how much you agitate the suspension.

-Dose sublingually (try 10-15 drops, to start)
-Dose your drinks (try 1-3ml, depending on tolerance)
-Dose your weed candies and snacks with hash oil (approx 48 very nice doses OR 24 out of this world trips from the oily dregs of a batch of tincture)

Try it now! Don’t delay! What are you waiting for?!


I do this with little more than a coffee filter and a Mason jar. I put the filter over the jar and push it into the jar then put the ring on and tighten it lightly over the filter. I am interested in the way you described reducing the alcohol. I have had luck with a gentle warm water bath (get rid of sugars and chlorophyll), decarb until dry, freeze, shake it, filter, and this is the point where I always reduced it with a double boiler for a half hour or so. Becomes light green and clear. Half of my friends who dared try 10ml have greened out. Lol. The slow way looks like it is probably smoother. Mine absolutely tastes like medicine. Thanks.


Exactly! That fast way really affects the flavor. The slow way makes it almost sweet. The tincture is smooth, no burning, tastes like dabs. The hash oil is the same, with no tarry taste. Decarbing in a Mason jar helps preserve the terps; everything stays in that jar, rather than evaporating off over high heat.

I highly recommend the slow and low way. The high heat way does the job, for sure. So, it really comes down what you value most: speed OR flavor and terps.


I’m curious as to why you do this versus just tightening the lid.

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To allow pressure to escape, similar to canning.


Your house WILL NOT SMELL, at all.

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Try this on your b’day. You can use as small/large amount of weed as you want. Don’t evaporate too much, and do make weed shots out of it. Not too many, bc, you know, Ever Clear.


Thanks for the mason jar idea. I decarb at 240 for 90 minutes and have always used a casserole dish with a lid. I am going to switch. One vessel for decarb, freezing, alcoholing, shaking, and empty jar to filter. Thanks for the new means of production. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! It’s so easy with one jar! My motto: work smarter, not harder.


Ummm i was too damn high to read that for the 17th time and be fussd to do it. Bookmarked for future party’s tho. My boss is retiring this week… :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Is it possible to put my decarbed ground bud in Mason jars cover in moonshine and store it in freezer? Will this keep it preserved until I strain and finish? This way when I get more I can do it all at once.

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Sure. The fluid will end up being very green looking and tasting, but efficacy won’t be affected…

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I just hit upon this thread which I’m very interested in! @blackthumbbetty This maybe a silly question, but is there a need for drying and curing cannabis if it’s going directly into the oven to decarb? Basically is it feasible to take a stalk or two directly from a plant to process?

For oven decarb, yes, you need dry herb, otherwise there’s waaaay too much moisture.

If you flash freeze it and do a live resin extraction, you don’t need to dry your herb, but no decarb is done. But, that is an entirely different process which is beyond my skill level.

For doing QWET using this method, the weed needs to be dry before decarbing.


Thanks, I kinda figured that. But I thought if I could skip a step the quicker the process.

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The Ultrasonic Cleaner has arrived! I just have to go pick it up at the PO!

Monday will be a big experiment day. Stay tuned.


@blackthumbbetty thank you for your post. I have made tincture with a 5 day freezer method and a MBM. Yours was by far the best. Fast and very clean. No problem with potency at all. In fact I was going to post earlier but I was to freaking stoned to type. I used my dehydrators base as a heat source and it great offering low heat so as to keep it very clean evaporation overnight.


I have this large bag of trim that I am planning on using for making tincture.

Right now I’m trying to decide how it will logistically make sense to squeeze all that material into jar(s) in order to utilize this process…should I try to sift the kief off the trim first? Or just smash it down in a couple jars with everclear in it…

I’m not adverse to having multiple jars, or doing this in stages, I just didn’t want to be evaporating like 2 bottles of everclear :rofl:


Smash it down! Can probably fit it into 3 qt Mason jars. Might get a bit of chloraphyll, but no biggie.

With that much, if you let it reduce down all the way, you’ll probably get yourself 6+ grams of feco/rso. It’ll be a very nice haul.


Awesome! I’ll be on it this weekend will post pics and tag you!

Next question, once the everclear has evaporated you are left with a 2 part separated mix right? Lighter, tincture on the top, and darker hash oil on the bottom?