Quick solution for outdoor grow in cold?

It’s supposed to drop to like 30 F tonight and my outdoor grow isn’t done flowering yet. What can I do to prevent frost tonight? I can box them in with plastic wrap to make a quick greenhouse but would a normal heater be okay to use inside or if not what else are my options? Some of them are too wide to get through my door to bring inside for the night.

I am dealing with some cold temps here lately. If you can cover them with some kind of cloth should keep frost off of them. I have been covering mine for almost 2 weeks and they are doing well. They will slow down but should be ok.

I would bring in the ones you can and build the best greenhouse over the ones you can’t. The ones you take in need to keep the same light schedule they have now even if it’s just through a window until it warms enough to go back outside. I’m sure I’m missing something I’ll add more if I think of it or someone else will have better ideas… good luck

30s cold enough to worry about. Cover what you can but if you’re in for a long stretch of sub 32 nights with no way to bring em inside you might be looking at early harvest time before the rot begins.

How much more time do they have? Maybe you can do a partial harvest of the ones that won’t fit thru the door and cut them down to a size where they can and let the rest get some more time

It’s getting cold here in Michigan too. Covering with a little thicker plastic. Cloth may hold water and freeze. I have about two weeks to go too. Going to be Interesting but the plastic shouldn’t hurt at all.

10x25 piece of plastic over “The Sea of Green”