Quick RDWC Question


Do I need to have an air pump running in my reservoir if I have air pumps in all of the grow buckets?


I like to run a large one with a 6 inch air stone in my res…


It’s not necessary… how often do you run your recirculating pump and how many gallons does it move and how many gallons are you moving…?
Or in ather words how many gallons does your system hold?



It on runs 20 gallons it is small so I was thinking no need. 3 5 gallon buckets and a reservoir than can hold about 15 gallons. Oh and water pump does 700 GPH. I have a 564 air pump in each bucket too. So lots of air and movement


My res is 20 gallons as well. I just use the large airstone and pump to keep the nutes mixed. The buckets are my focus for O2…