Quick question on tent size

I have had one successful grow in my tent that is 33"x32" x60". I would like to grow three plants my next go round and I know that tent is a bit small. I don’t have the most room in my basement so I can’t get anything huge, do you think I could successfully grow three plants in a 4’x2’ tent?

I once grew three plants in a 2’x2’. Lol, I don’t recommend it, it was extremity tight. The point is, it can be done, but your 4’x2’ tent is really meant for two plants. You can do three, but it’s gonna be a little tight.



Thanks. I think I’ll give it a shot.

You’ll probably yield more, better quality meds growing two, happy, roomy plants than three crowded ones.


I have aways heard about 2 ft/sq per plant. I grow 3 plants in a 4’x4’ tent to leave myself some working room. I put in support rings to not only hold flowering weight, but contain horizontal growth as well.my last girl almost went wall to wall until I used wire ties to keep her limbs from going sideways. This way I can ensure they grow in their own space.


Yes you can but it will be tight and plants size will suffer a little
I would suggest you do two not three
Youll most likely get the same amout or close to the same as if you did three and crowed them
Plants will naturally give way when they touch other plants

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