Quick question on lights and timing

So day light savings screwed me up, she is on the end of second week of flower, and last night she only had 11 hours of darkness do to me being an idiot and messing up my timer. So she had 11 hours of dark and 12 light today. Is that going to cause hermies or seeds or what? I have the light off now and will turn it back on in 12 hours


One hour for one day isn’t going to cause any issues.


You’re in professional hands here @Dell5001


I never mess with the programming of my timer when time changes. You’ll be fine. :+1::v:


Hell i lucked out. I harvested just before the time changes so i jave babies right now and i would have been all messed up also because i didnt even change the clocks yet lol. Doing that bow before the wofe wakes up lol.

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