Quick question - OK to use FF Tiger Bloom rather the PH Down

19 days since 12/12 schedule. Good flower set. Using FF Trio. 6/15 was first full dose of nutrients. 7 days earlier gave 50%. No negative reaction what-so-ever. Time to water. Use rain water with ppm of 6. Added 5ml / gallon of calmag PPM is 410 and PH 7.14. I want PH to be 6.5 or a little less (soil).
Is it OK to use only Tiger Bloom (enough to hit target PH) to lower PH. (has fairly high impact on decreasing PH of rain water so I shouldn’t need much).
Or - stick with PH down

I mean, yeah you could. If you’re good with your runoff ppms and sticking with fox farm flush schedule.

That’s pretty wild that 5ml of calmag jumps your ppms up 400. I believe mine only adds about 1/2 of that.

Stick with this. It’s also a micronutrient.

@Myfriendis410 to late. @Bobbydigital 3 gallons of rain water, 5ml of Tiger Bloom (total) brought PH down to 6.44 PPM 485. Yeah its crazy the impact it has on my rain water. But the results / reading are consistent over a number of waterings.

If you are just watering with low TDS rainwater; you don’t need to adjust PH. It will be over-driven by the soil. Adding down to pure water is an exercise in futility. Just water. Once you add something you need to adjust PH.

Even just CalMag? PPm went to 400+ and PH 7.14 so given the PPM I thought the PH would be reliable.
But, am I understanding you to say, even given those readings, the soil will in effect adjust the PH to what ever the soil’s PH is. Just water w/ the calmag and be done with it.

Once you get over 100 ppm it’s worthwhile to adjust PH but best if using PH up or down. You can stall a plant with too big a hit of P and K so much safer to use existing products. If you aren’t adding anything to water just use as is. You aren’t hurting anything by PH’ing your water; it’s just not necessary.

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Only brought the Ppm up 75 but that’s some expensive ph down.

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Noted - will do KISS right

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Quick question I got some seeds white widow X bigbud how would I do the 14 week chart if it’s saying this

If you are looking for an easy, quick-to-harvest, productive, potent cannabis strain to plant, you are not going to get much easier, quicker, or more productive than the White Widow x Big Bud .

Order today and have a productive, marketable, potent yield in a little more than two months.


  • Mature height is 20-30 inches / 60-80 cm
  • Good germination rate
  • Flowers in 7 weeks
  • Ready to harvest in 9 weeks

Break the schedule between veg / flower ie light schedule 18/6 - 12/12 (that is how FF does it)
If you are in first week of 12/12 follow wk1 schedule and continue. At some point you are going to have to read the plant and figure out where it is vs the schedule. The seller says 7 weeks flower, count on 8 or 9