Quick question about my rdwc

I am curious on how you add maganase to a rdwc system I have a few leaves 4.5 week flower All looks green and healthy but looks to be getting a manganese deficiency little red dots on a few leaves not many but want to grab ahold before it gets worse it’s a 5 gal 5 bucket rdwc 4 plants 2 Girl Scout cookies 1 fruity pebble and a AK-47 this could be my ocd on these ladies I might be worry about it to much I would give a pic but you can’t see the dots In a photo

Hey @Donaldj
You have some input on this for @BigDaddyCain

Ty grow I don’t know how to link to people still learning how to use sight lol

Use the @ before the name. When u use that butten a list of names comes down to choose from


K thank you that will help alot

@Growit cool now I know something lol

If the spots don’t show in a picture yet may be as simple as raising ppm slightly an extra ml or 2 micro nutrient

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@Donaldj I added some cal mag extra it’s got .05 manganese (Mn) in it and I will see how they look at lights on it should help I am also keeping ph a little on low side do to manganese gets absorbed at 5.2 to 6.3 ph so I’m keeping her at 5.8 for rest of this week lol that should help fix it I’ll keep All posted

What do you normally keep your PH at?

I keep it to a range of 5.5 to 6.5 I normally don’t adjust until they are out of range then I adjust to my neutral of 6.0 and let it swing