Quick Question about FF feed schedule PPMs

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Looking at the FF feed schedule it indicates PPMs for each week. Should that be the PPM measurement before watering or is it for the run-off?


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Before feeding

Like @Nicky said. Also; the feed schedule is very aggressive and a lot of plants will react badly to such a strong TDS level. Be sure to ease up to your peak number over time.

@Nicky, @Myfriendis410 Cool thanks. My PPMs are off the charts so I was looking for some guidelines on where they should be. Just starting 5th week of actual flower, built up the nutes over time (different than FF). A flush is in order!


@Nicky, @Myfriendis410

Sorry forgot to add this… Since I have to flush, should I wait until the next water or can I go ahead and do it? One of my plants won’t need any watering for a day, possibly two.

Thanks again!

What are they?
It all depends on the medium, the plant, the nutes the numbers etc.
For example my soil no nutes run off is 5000ppm on some fox farms ocean forest soil… But plants don’t seem to care because I started them in jiffy pucks, put them into happy frog and below that is all the rich ocean farms soil they naturally adjusted themselves to.



5000ppm. Hm, maybe I won’t worry about it. Going in it’s around 1600, coming out is between 3000-3700.

Plants look great as far as I know, first grow.

(Edit) using AN nutes and FFOF.



I might not be the best to advise you on nutrient loads as I tell folks in FFOF to not feed them ANYTHING until flower (if then!) because the soil is so rich.

If you are going to feed, I would be feeding in veg around 800 ppm and in flower 1,200 to 1,400 ppm. Remember the company is not in the business of CONSERVING nutrients but rather to SELL them lol.

I would wait until their next watering to do a flush, which is recommended by FF at each step in the life cycle. 5,000 ppm in and of itself may not be bad, but you can’t tell just by looking at that number, whether it’s stuff the plant can’t see or use or it’s actually mobile nutrients that could nuke your plant. You really want to see the TDS of your runoff under 2,000 ppm where you are now IMO. A flushing agent might be a good idea like Florakleen or Sledgehammer.

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If your using AN phone them and have their nutrients calculator open.

How far along are the plants?
Need a whole picture of all the variables to give advice.
If your in FFOF you won’t have to add any nutes until a bit into flower, read your run off. Don’t worry about it until your run off is below 900 for photos or even 750 for autos.

Nutes are strong and raw, the soil does a better job at buffing the roots from it. You have really such soil you don’t need to add anything to it until the plant starts feeding heavily

I’m just starting the fifth week of flower.

They look great, I think I’ll just water with pH water a couple times and go back to the nute schedule.

Thanks again for all your input, @Nicky and @Myfriendis410!

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