Quick help! Ppm numbers above 2,000

My last watering a few days ago my ppm run off was 750. Today I did not feed. I did however add a lot of fresh Happy Frog Soil to the top layer due to the simple fact it was low. After topping with fresh soil I watered with distilled water only and my ppm run off was 2425. Will my plant be ok? Or will it be burnt by morning :sob:

No it won’t be an issue. Your just getting the reading with the full feed strength in the fresh soil. Cheers


Thanks so much for the response! Definitely looks like I was stressing for nothing. It’s been about 19 hours and they look wonderful :heart_eyes:. Will definitely keep an eye on the numbers next watering

This is easier to do than one would imagine :joy:


My first top dressing RO was 4000PPM. week later 2K. Aiming for 1200-1500, maybe.

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You should probably keep your PPM if it’s not in bloom around 800 or less when it’s blooming you wanna be between 8 and 12. That’s what’s been working for me anyways

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