Quick help on infusing coconut oil with rosin?

I have about 2.5g of pressed rosin that I want to use to make some gummy edibles. I watched a video on decarbing the rosin indirectly … no problem there.

Once I have completed the process of decarbing the rosin, can I simply mix the necessary amount of coconut oil with the rosin? Do I need to let it simmer or cook together for a bit?

I also have gelatin, sunflower lecithin, etc etc – I’m just missing this step.

Thanks in advance!!

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Can’t help with any advice, but wanted to let you know about this this thread. Might be the best place to ask this question.


You’ll need to melt your coconut oil and bring it up to about 115F. Add your rosin and let it melt, stirring gently. Then go ahead and use it.

For vapes and such with mct, it’s different.
You’ll need to bring the MCT up to about 115F. Add your rosin and let it melt, stirring gently. Allow it to “cook” at 115F for a couple of minutes, gently stirring often; this will ensure the concentrate stays in suspension. Then go ahead and use it.


A million thankyou’s @blackthumbbetty !!

I still haven’t decarbed my rosin yet, if I raise the temp of the coconut oil to 230 F or so, can I just let the rosin decarb in the oil for 45-60 mins?

The only vaping I do is with flower using my volcano. Otherwise, those vape pens at the dispensary – i just don’t like them. They’re kinda harsh.

I’ll go tune in to your other thread now :slight_smile:


To be safe, do it in a jar in a water bath. This will prevent inadvertently scorching your coconut oil. Stay nearby and stir often. If you have a pressure cooker, I highly recommend using it: 30-44 minutes in a lidded Mason jar, water half-way up outside of jars. Stir once.


For my first try, I decarbed my oil in a pyrex measuring cup in water bath. Stirred and let the bubbles do their thing for about 25 minutes, then I heaped a 1/2 cup of coconut oil into the mix and let that melt. Stirred it often…

After that, I combined the canna-coco-oil into a diff saucepan with 1 cup of water, add 2oz of unflavored cow-hoof, 2 packets of sugarfree Royal gelatin (because JELLO), 1 tbsp sunflower lecithin, and eyeballed about 1 tbsp of honey. Brought to the cusp of boiling, constantly whisking and minding the temp.

Once all ingredients were in there, let it do that pre-boil thing for about 5 mins, the put it on low… and poured into my silicon hex-prism ice tray. I made exactly 50 hexagonal prisms with about 2.5grams of rosing that was extracted using heat-squeeze method (nugsmasher i think?)

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For oils, I oven decarb, myself. 260F til bubbles stop.