Quick growsite question


I want to do an outdoor grow of several photoperiod plants. The only places I have in the yard that receive adequate sun are also within 50-100 feet if an outdoor security light (appears to be sodium-based according to its color). The bulb is probably around 10 years old, so has lost a lot if its brightness, but it’s still adequate to identify animals and people in the yard.
Is this likely to be a problem for photoperiod plants. I realize we worry about miniscule light leaks in tents, so I am concerned it may be a problem with my outdoor site.


@bubba2 If it’s that far away it shouldn’t be a issue the moon is bright like a light and never had a issue with street lights as well I think you will be ok :ok_hand:t2:


Thank you, @Hogmaster . You told me what I wanted to hear! With all the discussion I’ve read about minor pinholes in tents, or low-level pilot lights on equipment in tents, I had always wondered about the moon. Here, the full moon is a fair bit brighter than this security light, although the spectrum is quite different.


I agree with @Hogmaster
unless under it i think youll be fine


I completely concur with the feedback given, and your growing. In the veg stage it is not going to make much of a difference anyway. When they start flowering you will know the light density issue with 100% certainty. Watch how she develops, and act accordingly. People may think this/ I is crazy, yet gravitational pull & full moon light has effects on growth while flowering. I have cordinated harvest by these factors, and it can make a significant difference. I read it somewhere, or possibly botany class at the university many years ago. Timing is more critical especially when growing autos. Have a good Evening