Quick Germination Question

I dropped my four seeds in a shot glass of water less than 48 hours ago. I just checked on them, not expecting to see anything, but one of the tap roots is already about a half inch long. No kidding. These ILGM Strawberry Kushes are wanting to live!

My question is, with the tap roots so long, do I go into my rockwool and put the rockwool right into my net pots with hydroton, or should I place the rockwool cubes in a bit of standing water?

Jeez, I thought I had all this figured out. I seen tap roots and went into a panic.

I’ll start a grow journal tomorrow. RDWC, 4x4 tent, CFL for seedlings and 600 watt HID for the girls when they grow up a bit.

I really appreciate any help here. And if anyone wants to laugh at a noob over the next several months, or give advice, let me know and I’ll tag you when I start the grow journal.


Good deal my last germination the soak did not show anything . 24 hours in paper towels started took another day before they were ready to plant so awesome.

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This is my first real grow. I’ve been planning on it for over a year, but kept getting delayed. You got a grow journal on here?

Is this gonna be your journal? If so, I’m gonna tag along, if you don’t mind :v:

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I guess I’ll just turn this thread into my journal instead of starting a new one. And I’m happy for you to tag along. I’ll take some pics of my setup tonight or tomorrow morning.


I use starter plugs. I place seed in it. Set in a humididome thingy and let it get some roots to outside of plug before I place in hydroton.
Oh and I put a tiny amount of non ph spring water in cup. About 1/4 inch works for me.


I use a similar method as well. :v:


Looking good already and off to a great start. I’m going to tag along as well if you don’t mind. There’s nobody gonna laugh at you here my friend. We’re all out to share, spread the knowledge and help fellow gromies out :sunglasses:
@KJ we can move this post into the grow journal section if you would prefer


Looks like one of those square 5-gallon “Survivor” buckets from Lowe’s like I have.

Welcome. And if we can move this to the grow journal section, that may be easier to find for anyone who wants to see it. That would be cool.

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Should be sorted now :sunglasses:

Old system

New system

Bubble Buckets used with old system
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Love it!

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Hi everyone. Sorry I’ve been so slow to post pics. Two jobs and three kids take up a lot of time.

Anyway, here’s my plants so far. I got three lil girls. I accidentally broke the tap roots off of one while taking it out of the paper towels, so I got another seed soaking now. It’ll be a couple days behind, I guess.

They’re ILGM Strawberry Kush.

Oh, and I just put four 26-watt CFLs above them. I’ll make sure they show in the next pic. I’ll post some pics of my tent set up too. And thanks again to everyone who’s following my journal. I can’t believe I’m finally starting my grow! Everyone is welcome to follow, so tag anyone you think may be interested.

With two CFLs. Four seemed like a bit much at this point. They’re literally growing by the hour, especially that tall girl.

91% RH and 81

degrees F. Good on both?

The temperature looks good, the humidity is way higher than I would have it especially for kush. But I suppose I will see what the others think.

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Thanks. And how wet should the rockwool be? I have them sitting in about a quarter inch of water and they’re saturated right now. I don’t want them to damp off

I can’t help here at all. Me and rockwool keep failing, sorry. Going to tag along though. Humidity does look too high.