Quick clone flip?


I have about 8 “experimental” clones from this grow that are currently sitting out on a table under a 300w led. They are starting to poke roots out of the bottom of their pots. Since they’re all doing pretty good, I don’t really want to throw them out. I don’t really have any place to put them while my current grow is finishing. What I was thinking is keeping them in their current pots for now and after my tent is available, transplanting all 8 into small fabric pots and trying a quick veg and flip. My tent space is way too small to handle all these plants for any serious vegging. I’d love to hear any experience and tips. Also, do you think 1gl fabric pots are too small or should I go with 2gl?


Once rooted tou can veg a few wekks and flip if you want @SilentHippie they are mature plants after all
Did you take clones from mother in flower or veg ?


I took them early into flower. They’re growing nicely and I hate to kill them. Unfortunately they are still on 12/12 since I only have 1 timer. I’m more concerned with my actual grow than these clones though. They were more to see if I could do it more than anything.


They will go into flower then if on 12/12 youll have small plants or one big bud lol


Do you think I should mess with transplanting? If so, what size pots do you think?


You’re at difficult spot. Normally I would say transplant and wait a week to flip. Since you’re already on 12/12 the transplant will likely cost you some. But if you’re gonna stall the plant, I would say now is better than going root bound half way through flower.

What strain are they? A lot of people use this method when growing long flowering period sativas. If you’re sativa leaning they may even turn out a little better than you expect.


@SilentHippie you could just stall them…transplant them into a small pot and just leave them under a kitchen light 24-7 to get them back into veg without much growth. Then when you have the space freed up transplant them and start your grow. No point in wasting good monsters :wink:


Out of likes, but that’s another way to look at it. Although I wouldn’t consider them wasted. You could easily take a cutting from them too later and reveg.

Single cola plants on short veg can be good producers. Picture one cola the size of your forearm over several the size of a lighter. I actually prefer to grow this way, or at least similar. Maybe a little more veg time, but single cola plants none the less. Capable of the same yield per area, and a much shorter time to harvest. You just substitute the veg time for more plants.


Great responses folks! I’ve had these clones for about a month and they are showing new growth but very slowly, which is good. I think for now, I’ll let them be and as soon as I have the room, I’ll transplant and try to flower them out.


How about having a friend A REALLY REALLY good friend take on as a partner .


I’d love to gift them to a caring home, however, nobody knows I’m growing and I don’t want to make it known. I took the clones just to see if I could do it not really expecting any success. To my surprise, 8 of the 10 took and now I’ve become attached lol @dbrn32


You’re on to something bigger. A lot of people will start to grow from clone to save on seeds, and it’s a viable reason. But the biggest benefit is being able to locate your best genetics from every pack of seeds and fill your entire grow with plants of an identical phenotype. Whether it be the best smoking, highest yielding, or the best balance of both.


I agree. I’ve successfully turned 3 seeds into 11 plants. The solution is a second tent but the wife isn’t sold on a second one. I’m she’s been super cool with this so far and I don’t want to push my luck. I’ve been looking at the 2 in 1 tents but can’t find one with decent enough reviews.


@SilentHippie you should build a diy one out of carboard or something and stick in a closet .


Happy wife= happy life lol