Quick check for new seedlings

How do they look ?

Day 6 so far .
Normally they are on 18/6 but was thinking to change to 24h of light till day 12 so another 6 days would that be okay for them ? Would start 18/6 at day 12 again just to give them a little extra light the first days.

Mainly Photoperiods


I think the 24/0 light schedule is for everything advanced and on spot…otherwise for the rest of us 18/6 is the answer…


So i might leave them under 18/6 like it is now and don’t change back and forth.
Thanks :blush:


I would but you don’t learn anything new if you don’t experiment… I do that all the time in my grows…mostly I find out what doesn’t work and not what does but in a way I am finding out what does work… :rofl: :cowboy_hat_face:


My thoughts on 24 hour lighting is that it is unatural. No plants in nature grow in 24 hour light because the sun goes down, right? I feel this will be stressful to the plant that has its genetics rooted over 100’s even 1000’s of years in regular light cycles. Humans have a circadian rhythm, why would plants be different.


Yes actually you are totally right :pray: plant life should be naturally simulation in the tent and if there is day time (light) there should be night (lights off) .
I didn’t see it from this perspective before but learned something new again thanks :blush:

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Need some help please , so as i am growing in living soil do i or don’t need to pH the water what i give to the plant ?
Would it be okay using drinking water 7,5-8,5pH
And the living soil will do the work (pH) ?
@Graysin @Docnraq ?

I would. pH to 6.5 everything you put in her pot. The living part of living soil means you shouldn’t need to add nutrients, but it doesn’t absolve you of making sure the pH in her root zone stays balanced.


Thanks a lot legend. Because i got confused saw same Infos in the net they said the soil will take care of the pH some others suggested pH before .

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Yessir. The plant is self-correcting to a certain extent. The pH range from a scientific standpoint is really quite broad (about 5.0 to 7.5) but if it takes a couple minutes for you to pH to 6.5, that’s a whole lot of energy you are saving your plant from expending.

Think of it sort of like eating ice and expecting your body to make use of that as if you gave it a nice cup of water. Your body expends some energy melting the ice down, albeit not much, if you were in 35° weather it could potentially be the difference between surviving and not, because your body needs that heat to keep you going, more than it needs the heat to convert the ice to usable water. I think of plant pH the same way. Sure, she can correct the 5.0 pH herself by excreting hormones and altering the pH of her root zone, but if you just provide her the proper pH to make use of the nutrients, she doesn’t have to self-correct and can make better use of the energy growing upward or bud building.

It’s a sloppy analogy, but I hope it helps.


Yes good example :+1:
Something new learned again :pray: thanks

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Another question do i have to flush at the end when using super soil ?

And I got General hydroponics Micro Grow Bloom
Advanced big bud
Can I use these with super soil if needed ?

I don’t flush regardless of what I use. I don’t buy the “science” behind it.

Should be able to - only reason you’d be adding to the super soil is if it was missing what you need. Seems like a perfect reason to use whatever you can to give her what she wants.


As always big thanks for your help :pray:

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Small update on the little ones day 8 today hope they doing alright for the amount out of soil.
Transplanted the 2 Autos in their final home.
Have to say the THC Bomb auto is doing really really well and I hope the transplant don’t stress them to much and she keeps growing like she did so far.


Lookin’ good

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I got a general question .
I had some autos running before my seeds arrived.
Some died because of heat stress.
One Sunset sherbet AUTO made it trough the heat stress and survived.
So i guess she was stunned from heat stress and overwatering in the beginning.

After a while and before i found out that i am growing her in super soil and don’t need to feed her i made a mistake and feed her a really light feed.
After she got yellowing leaves and i was about to kick her out as i started my grow fresh with updated set up with AC … I thought just keep her in my tent.
I wanted to see how far I can go with her and nearly stripped everything of her and did more LST training.
Now she seems to bounce back and got leafes again.
But she is at day 40 and no signs of flowering.
As she is an Autoflower i am wondering when she gonna start flowering ?

Is this normal after so much stress and stuned growth ?

Some leafes are still a bit yellow i guess because i am not watering to run off with super soil and there might be still a little bit what is to strong for her ?

Here an update on my 2 new AUTOS

They doing well but the super soil might be to strong because every plant i start get light burned tips even i am not feeding anything at all. Just pH water

@Graysin @Docnraq @MeEasy

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You could try starting in a lighter nute soil like Happy frog. Fill pot with supersoil around a solocup. Then remove solo cup and fill void with HF+20% perlite. Plant seed in center of HF.