Quick/Cheap/Easy Scrog Net "How To"

I made a screen for my grow which is approx 4’x 4’. The screen I made took me about 45 minutes to make start to finish and ran me about $17 U.S. total. This was my first attempt at ever making one, and it worked out very well. All supplies needed to make this can be easily located at almost any Home Depot/Lowes or other home improvement stores.

Supplies needed/cost in U.S.D:
(2) 8’ 1"x2" wooden furring strips -$1.37 ea.
(1) 500’ roll of mason twine -$7.29 (enough for probably 10 of these completed screens)
(8) 2" Corner Braces -$0.38 ea.(4 for inside corners/4 for outside corners)
(1) Box of #8 100 ct 3/4" wood screws -$5.79

Cut the 2-8’ wooden strips into (4) 4’ strips. This will be your frame.

Use corner brackets to join all 4 corners together using one bracket on the outside of the frame, and one on the inside of the frame on all four corners. **Remember to pre-drill your screw holes so you dont split the narrow pieces of wood.

Once you have the frame together you will notice it is pretty strong and rigid,but will get even more so once you run the twine on it.

With the frame laying flat on the ground, you will now measure out every 4" from each corner and make dots as markers where you will pre-drill for the net screws on the top edge of the frame on all 4 pieces.
**If you measure out 4" from the bottom right corner, you will want to do the exact same for the top right corner so your net screws are even on both sides and so on.

Pre-drill your screw holes for the net.

Step 5.
Screw in the screws to each pre drilled hole, but dont screw them down all the way. You want the screws down far enough that there is still the head of the screw sticking up to “catch” the twine to create the grid.

Step 6.
Tie off your twine to whichever corner screw you choose. Now that it is anchored to
the first screw, you will wrap the twine from the corner to the screw next to it, sure to be working on just the 2 parallel edges of the frame at a time (top/bottom or left side/right side).
Once you get to the opposite corner from which you first tied off, now you can pull the slack out from the windings and tie off to the last screw in the opposite corner. The string should be tight, but flexible.

Once done you will have to do the exact same thing with the other 2 edges, starting/wrapping/tieing off the exact same as you did the first time.

When completed, you will have an easy but very strong, sturdy and effective scrog screen for your crop.

I used the same twine to tie mine off at the corners and hang it from the ceiling so if I ever need to move/raise/lower the screen, it can be done in seconds and is completely adjustable to your garden. Also, there are no legs that will need to be adjusted for height and stability with this method as well. I would rather use gravity in my favor than to have to work against it -right?

Im sure some may find easier/smarter ways to do this, but for me it was cheap,effective, and easy to make.
I hope this can help others with their grows! -HydroRed

Great job! Thanks for sharing this method and build with our community. :slight_smile:

Looks awesome. I really like the creates underneath your pots. I’ve been having drainage issues with my grow bags, I’m going to use creates. Thanks for sharing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Louie, I’m glad you found it useful. The crates work great for a few different things. I like them because they raise my hydro buckets off of the ground which keeps my temps at a more “cooler room temp” than a cold cement floor temp -plus it raises the buckets off the ground so I can use the gravity to drain the buckets if/when needed through my reservoir level tube. It is also great as a back-up plan for plants that get too tall too quick & I cant raise my light anymore. This allows me a little wiggle room vs cutting or topping when Im not ready to.

Yeah, thanks for sharing, as a beginner, I have been thinking about this sort of thing I have seen on the internet, I aint read yet, but maybe next month I will be, with a larger grow tent. I suppose these “screens” are for extra support for buds? I notice folks sometimes will have these on very small plants too, so unsure for what these screens are for right now other than for added support for budding.

Check out these:


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