Quick and short question

Hi Happy growers I have a small question about the weeks the seed banks say that there seeds take a certain time . Well when they say 11 flower does that mean 11 weeks from seedling to harvest. Thanks

Depends on if it’s an auto or photo. I would not trust the time on seed packets. Watch your trichomes. The company gives you around about scheduling. Good luck growmie



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I believe it usually refers to time in the flower stage. Realistically, there are so many variables that affect flower time, it is just an estimation.

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Hi Twin Thanks I was seeing if it would be like 4 weeks veg then 11 weeks say flowering a total of 15 weeks total.

To my knowledge that is somewhat correct. It is so hard to wait at the end. But patience is always rewarded.

I completely agree about patience. Unless you want more CBD than THC. I’m happy with my grow but the trich’s were more cloudy than amber. For that “couch” effect wait till amber. Don’t rush it and you will be rewarded in the end.

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All of my autos have been a total time after sprout of a range of 11.5 to 15.2 weeks.

The number they hive is only a general estimate IMHO.