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Hey there! My first attempt to grow anything, so for my practice round I only did one of my Runtz Auto seeds. I did make a few mistakes around week 2 and ended up with some chem burns, but she bounced back pretty quick and kept climbing.
My question is, is the almost whiteish color at the center of my top leaves normal? I’ve seen pages and explanations of yellowing, but never this super light color. I’m just hoping it’s not an end-all issue.

looks like a lack of nitrogen and the plant is pulling nitrogen from the leaves.

What is your medium and what are you feeding it and what’s the pH of your runoff water?

The yellowish marks are a leaf variegation, check it out on google or something. It happens and they most of time grow out of it. The whitish hairs dead center of new growth is “pistils”. Meaning u already started to enter the flowering stage. The little guy will stay small since its already small and hitting flowering. If your new you would be better off with a photo period plant to learn the ways. Autos can be nice but you gotta be on point untill flower bc it starts flowering when it wants.


@Poseidon1 Thank you! I know some of the basics so I knew what pistils were, and the light color on the leaves didn’t look like anything dangerous that I’ve seen online, so I figured it was just a natural happening in the leaves. But I’ll check on the nitrogen.
I’ve got a PH reader that stays in the soil to check PH, light QTY, moisture level, and fertility, but I don’t know for sure if it’s reliable. And @TheVirginiaLawyer I don’t have anything as of now to check the runoff PH, but I take it that I should have all of the extra testing equipment for my next grow?
I’m planning on getting the MarsHydro 2x2x4 TS600 grow kit with most parts included. (2'x2' All In One Grow Kits | TS600 LED |Mars Hydro)
Would that be a good route, or is there a better system at a similar price that you guys know of?

@TheVirginiaLawyer My medium is half miracle grow half coco. I’m using the 3 fox farm products basing the amount off of what the labels say on the bottle.
(I’ve heard miracle grow is bad, but I went with my gut because of childhood commercials😂)

so that pH meter in the soil is junk. I started with one. Many people do. But it’s junk. We all learn as we go along. Get an Apera pH meter from Amazon. That’s a good purchase at the beginning of what becomes an addictive and fun hobby. You’ll constantly be adding new things to your grow operation as you go from grow to grow to grow. A good pH meter should be one of the early purchases. I bought what you are using, and then tossed it and went through 3 Vivasun pH meters, which were also junk, and then finally the Apera. I should have just started with the Apera.

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This is simple leaf variegation and is normal. The leaves are otherwise a darker shade of green, which indicates that the plant is getting plenty of nitrogen. You plant looks fine other than the dried tip on the one leaf. I wouldn’t worry about such a problem on a single leaf.

Cannabis in MG doesn’t always work out very well.


as far as fox farms nutrients, get the soil feeding chart. I think what’s on the bottles is the hydroponics feeding schedule. And start by feeding at 25% of what is recommended on the soil feeding chart. So for where your plant is, that’s 7mL of Big Blloom and 2.5 mL of Grow Big. You can get 3mL pipetes on Amazon to help measure out fox farms nutrients.

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