Questions Using Hlg 260

Hi y’all, I’m using a 260hlg and was wondering if anyone has grown 3 plants using it? How did it do? Would you do it again? Will be my second grow and i want to get a fairly good yield. I was thinking that in 17 weeks I’ll probably go through 8oz. It would be nice to get that off one plant. I don’t wanna sacrifice quality trying to push my limits with the light.

You could grow 100 plants under it if your could fit them in a 2’x4’ space. Lights don’t care how many plants are under them they only cover a certain area (hlg 260 is good for a 2x4 space). Typically 2 plants is good for that space.


I got ya. My light is hung next to wall. I can count 2 ft out right. Or does that completely screw my par?

Is there anyway to move it 2’ away from the wall? Basically if you tape off a 2x4 area using your wall, you’ll want to hang the light in the center of that rectangle.


Yeah it will be tight but that is common sense. Do you have to change the driver if you add another board to the xl?

Yeah, you’d need the 320h driver or add a 120 driver. But it won’t make your light footprint any larger.

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Does it mess it up that I put the lights together on the heat shield instead of spaced apart?

Your light footprint has a larger overlap than when spaced apart but you’re not hurting anything.
I also have the 260, but I have the W not the XL. I love it.

If you spaced the boards apart you increase the lights footprint, the closer the boards are
the greater the overlap of light.

You could definitely grow 4 plants under it. Set your 4 pots in a square configuration, center
the light over the middle of the pots and turn it on. You’re growing 4 plants.

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I’m definitely gonna veg 4 and set two of them outside. I will probably fix the light spacing also. I have one very close to coming down and will start those as soon as this one is in jars. I started it with bad lighting and didn’t get the 260 til 3rd week of flower.

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This is money right here :clap: :+1:

@Willyd, get a nice coat or two of flat white primer on that wall and try to get reflective surface around other sides of plants. Like Bobbydigital said, your light is good for roughly 2’x4’ space. If you have full canopy that size and can keep most of the light in it, you should do pretty good. Probably not 24 zips from 3 plants, but I know there are growers here capable of producing a pound or better in that space with a 260 kit. Also, based on what you’re working with, don’t mount the boards right next to each other.


Guys really appreciate the feedback…Showing some ambers now maybe 1% on some buds. What kind of time frame(in your opinion) am I looking at? My DA watered this morning. I am debating on keeping lights off for 48, help change my mind. Some buds aren’t showing any amber yet…I will get situated before next start and will move light off wall. How far off wall and do I still need to frame it up in a shiny new house?..It will all be new to me. I’m wanting to go super soil, with transplant into another super soil for the flip. If I can get some input on soil ideas and also light height during sprout and early veg. that would be great…One last thing, it would be nice to get some clones off this plant. Is it possible to reveg the plant? I watched vid on monster cropping but success rate was like 1 in 5. Is there any other way? Ty you all again!

@dbrn32 i wanted to tag you in that and forgot.

@dbrn32 @BobbyDigital
So I’ve got more amber tonight and I wanna finish her up. Does it matter she was watered this morning? Do I need to throw her in dark for 48 hours and will the trichomes cont. to mature if I do? What are y’all’s thoughts on wet vs dry trim?

I chop when she’s ready to chop. Haven’t noticed a bit of difference between wet soil/dry soil, dark period/no dark period. I used to hate dry trimming but now I prefer it. Dry trimming does slow down the dry period and that slow dry makes a bunch of deference.


Dry trimming will slow down dry time like Bobbydigital mentioned, but dry trimming also sucks to do. Trimming when wet is a lot easier.

I wouldn’t worry that you just watered either. And I don’t believe leaving in dark for something like 48 hours will change much. A standard dark cycle will be fine.

Well darn y’all, I did yard work all day while I could have been spending 10 mins chopping my girl down. I bet I won’t have 3 oz wet. She’s small but I keep her clean… looks like rh won’t be a problem, the weather has become nice. I will try 70 to dry at hoping rh will be around 45

Yep about 20 mins lol. I’ll take it though. First grow gleaming.

How do I get the wires to release back out of the quantum boards?

There is a dimple on top of connector. Push straight down on the dimple with tip of a screw or something firm and pointy, and gently pull on wire while doing so

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Exactly! Ty man.

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