Questions to get started

Question from a fellow grower:

  1. how big of a tent should I have for 5 Gold Leaf plants?

  2. I plan on using 1000w LED lights. As a semi-novice grower, what
    kind of yield might I expect? I’m using Fox Farms nutes in 5 gallon
    pots, I also add a little blackstrap molasses to every other watering
    (helps feed good soil bacteria with other plants I’ve grown).

Plants like 50 watts per square foot…1000 watts = 20 square feet = something like 4’ x 5’, a little bigger…

A novice won’t get an experienced growers harvest.

Start with a practice run, or live and learn with the Gold Leaf…do you have experience with LST, SCRoG, SOG, mainlining, topping, etc? You using any of them? Experience growing indoors?

EDIT: I see LED, no experience there, my bad, can’t say anything for sure with them, yet

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I’ve done two attempts in the past. The first was horrible (lack of drainage, not near enough light), the second was doing really well (using cfl, and pots recommended by Hippie Dave, a guy I work with), SOG, but had to abort the run because of “neighbor interference”. This time, I plan on SOG, longer veg time (dependent on grow rate). I tried fimming, but being a first timer, I didn’t see much difference before scrubbing the run. I had some nice buds, pulled the males before flowering, and they smelled SO GOOD! I think a neighbor disagreed, and notified the landlord. I plan on either 3’x3’x6’ or 4x4x7’ tent, carbon scrubber, 1000w LED, 5 gallon pots. Again, all advice is welcome!

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Honestly, if you’re getting a 1000w I’d go with a 5x5 tent, so you have room to work around the plants in your tent. It gives you a little extra space to work with. I use a 5x5 tent with a 600w, but I keep my plants in a 3x3 area in the center of the tent, allowing me space to move the plants around and get in there to prune, water etc.

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And molasses also atrackes bugs and you dont want bugs.



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Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the advice! I think I’ll be going with the 5x5 tent, and limit the use of the blackstrap. I’m trying to go as "all natural"as possible for the best results. My goal is to grow the highest quality, best tasting bud; something to really be proud of. It will be a few weeks before I can gather all the components (need to move to a better locale before starting), but I figured I would ask advice from experienced growers. Knowledge is power, and by tapping yours, I’ll have some powerful herb!