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Haven’t checked in here in a bit but I’ve been on a new grow… thought all 3 were purple punch now I’m not sure… all 3 on the same feed and light cycle. When I got then I was told all 3 were purple punch and they were best cut end of week 7. The purple one is the short of the 3 and buds look good the other two dont seem to be filling out. Maybe they are just behind the one? They are clones from what I thought the same plant but I only know what the source tells me.

you can see the middle plant is the shortest and the most purple…

But then these plants look like this…

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Must be different strain… If it’s the same nutes and it’s looking that different as well as bulking up differently.

Probably just different phenos. It’s hard to bank on anything unless you do it yourself as mistakes happen. Definitely not the same plant but who cares looks like you have great product. Hope you took clones so you’ll know next time :slight_smile: send me some of the purple short one I’ll grow it sog style lol


I’m thinking so! You in maine? Either way that purple one is my baby