Questions on SCROG?

I want to try SCROG and have some questions? How large should I grow plants before putting them under the netting? I have 4x4x8 grow area. How many plants? size pots? How far above plants should net be? What size squares should be in the netting?

Hi, I found the following post on another forum and thought
it was very well explained so hope Its ok to add a link here

Scrog Method

Here ya go it’s all right here


The link took me to the same post and responses here :smile:

Same here would like to know how tall before adding net etc

I think he meant to post this link:


Thanks for the link! Very helpful. How many plants would you place in a square meter area

Me personally? I grow one plant per square meter, actually one per 4ft x4ft, 5ft x5ft or maybe even one plant that has a 2 meter square canopy.

The whole point of a scrog is growing fewer plants per area.