Questions on Nutrients

One of my plants is currently in week 7 of grow and I’m using fox farm soil. The plant looks great. My question is on autoflower plants do I need to even use nutes since I’m using a super soil??

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if you are using FFOF soil then yes it will get you through the first 4 or 5 weeks

I ordered FF trio nutes, What would be a good start for nutes in week 7. Nutes to water ratio

Do you have a FF feeding schedule? I started my autos at week 5 1/4 strength and worked my way up to 1/2 strength

Ordered FF nutes today and starting a schedule next week. What would be a good starter schedule ?

Start at 1/2 strength and see how they like it.

Do you mean half of reg dose per FF nute chart ?

yes half of the reg dose to start

Thanks buddy appreciate all your help

i don’t really know anything about the fox farm trio but you don’t need veggy nutes, just bloom

Thats what I was thinking

Also do I give the nutes every time I feed or every other time. Plus when using nutes do you mix together with a gallon or separate each nute in their own gallon ?? Reason is I have to register plants that are still in their 7th week as well

Every other time.feed,water,feed,water. Mix your nutes one at a time to the gal of water stir or shake then repeat with each nute. then check your Ph adjust to 6.5 with Ph up or Ph down and check your PPM.

Will you explain this statement. Some sort of legal requirement?
When did it start to flower?
Curious - what is the autoflower?
What are the other two plants in the tent?

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I meant it to say, That I have 2 other plants in the tent lol.

Started to grow 7 weeks ago.
Don’t know the strain
2 other plants are of course not autos, but grew them anyway lol not sure of their stain

@Firsttime71 The only true way to tell is by taking the ppm of your runoff to find out exactly what your girls are eating. I’m in the last 2 weeks of my grow. 3 dreamberry autos and 3 amnesia autos. Actually already harvested one. Rest are finishing up. I used FFOF on the bottom half of my pots and FFHF on the top half of the pot. I have the fox farm dirty dozen pack. It’s the trio, plus another 9 micro nutrients. I didn’t have to start feeding until week 8. I determined that by taking ppm of my runoff to find how much nutrients were left in the soil. And to make things more difficult, once I started feeding I would feed each plant separate and keep a log of the ppms. And quickly noticed my girls were not eating at the same rate. So at my next feeding I would about what to give each plant. If she didn’t eat much…I’d give her 1/4 strength or if she was eating a lot, I’d make it little more stronger. Just takes some tedious record keeping. But if I just did it across the board and fed them all a certain amount, then some girls would not be getting enough…or some might be being fed to much. I never used more that 1/2 strength. And not to go against what others say…but you feed them when they need it. All this is determined by ppm runoff. I started out feeding every other watering. I was also told feed,water,feed,water and so on. But if your girls are not eating a lot, you might want to skip a feeding and do feed,water,water,feed,water,water… etc. or you may have to feed twice in a row. It all depends on your set up. Lights, heat, humidity co2 are just a few factors that can effect how much your girls eat. Some people feed at week 5 with FFOF others don’t feed until week 10. There is no right answer…just depends on your girls. Once you start feeding make sure you use the sledge hammer and flush every four weeks. Invest in ppm meter if you already haven’t. It will make life so much easier . Hope this helps. Stay safe and medicated :exploding_head:


Well in the 7 weeks all have been growing with no runoff , I monitor soil wetness with water meters and paying attention to who’s drinking more.i have nutes on the way. I don’t monitor ppm cause I don’t have runoff.

@NugFlush just laid you out some very informative knowledge, memorize that.

@Firsttime71 you did a great job so far the plant looks good. While growing in soil it’s best not to water until run off until week 4 or 5 and then you will want to water to run off so you can start to monitor as the ppm’s of your soil drop to the point they need food. A PH and tds pen is a must for your grow room.

Again @NugFlush nailed it, there is no set feed amount such as half a dose or 1/4 a dose etc. You need to water your plants separately, collect their run off, test it, do the math as to how much feed they need and then feed them each separately the correct amount.
This is why soil is a pain in the but to grow in when indoors, not to mention bugs and slow growth/small yeild.

It seems like alot of hassle and work and that’s because it is, but that’s where most people start until they realise that soil is a pain and they move to a different grow method. You may not have monitored ppm because you didn’t have run off but you need to start if you want to be more successful.

Proof is in the pudding


IMO. You should be watering to get some runoff, if not salts can build up and lockout nutes. Unless your using kind soil or other super soils similar to that. Then you don’t water to runoff cuz you don’t want to wash away all the nutes. Cuz there’s are strictly water only set ups. With kind soil you expect to make it all the way thru harvest with just the nutes in the soil. FFOF is hot soil…but I don’t know if I would classify it as “super soil”. Most growers using FFOF expect to have to feed at some point, so water to runoff and possibly losing some nutes is a good trade off for possibly avoiding slat build up. Cuz your going to have to feed at some point anyway. You just might to need to start nutes maybe week or two early cuz yiu had been watering to runoff. Getting runoff gives you a good idea what’s going on with your soil and plant intake.