Questions on mixing my own 70-30 coco perlite

I decided I should transplant my photo up from a 2.5 to 10 gallon pot based on the amount of time I’m letting it vege.

I decided I want to mix my own 70-30 coco perlite this time. My questions:

  1. Is 70-30 by volume or by weight?
  2. How big of a coco brick do I need to buy for 7.5 gallons finished soil? 10lbs or will 5lbs? I’m guessing I need the 10 but not all of it.
  3. How much perlite do I need?


First, if in coco why up pot size? I use 3 gallon in coco and regularly pull 12 oz of dried flower from one plant. A big pot may make sense if using soil and growing giant plants.


Because of inexperience & not awesome planning, I have a photo that’s going to vege for at least 3 months before I flip it to bloom.


70/30 is by volume. About 2 gallons of coco to 1 gallon of perlite…

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I get about 16 gallons of coco to a 5 kilo brick.

Definitely buy volume not weight

So I could go with 2ish gallons of perlite and 5ish gallons of coco and be close on my 30-70 ratio for 7 gallons of finished product.

I’m looking at a Plantonix product that is a 5 pack of 1.4lb coco bricks. It sounds like 2.5 of those bricks should get me the 5ish gallons of coco I need.


Any suggestion of a brand for good quality coco? I hadn’t considered brands, as I assumed ground up coconut shells are ground up coconut shells, but have seen several people talking about screwing up by getting poor quality coco,so. I’m curious, is this a thing, or are they just blaming their growing medium for their own mistakes?

I buy 5 kilo bricks from Amazon. I hydrate it in a 20 gallon plastic tote. Then I put it in a 20 gallon fabric pot and rinse it real well. I’ve never had problems with the coco that I know of…



Okay, thanks