Questions on drying and curing

So my plant seems to be ready much sooner than I thought. I have a few questions regarding drying and curing as I cannot find solid answers…


Ideally I want to harvest only the part of the plant that is ready, my problem is I would have to dry in the tent with the lights on…is this ok? If not, I’ll cut the whole plant.

What is the nominal day and night temps and humidity for drying?


I read after drying to place in a mason jar and burp it. I have #62 boveda packs…do they go in right away with my curing weed, or do they go in after it’s been in the jar for a period of time?

How many times a day should I burp them?

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The generally held belief is that you want to dry it gradually until the stems snap when you break them. But that really depends on your relative humidity. If it’s higher than 62%, the stems may never get there! If it’s really low, they may dry in just a few days but the insides of the buds will still be wet. You may need to dry it in a sealed tent with some humidity control so it gradually gets uniformly that dry and no more.

Most mason jar users dry it and then put trimmed buds in jars with the lids on. They burp them every couple of days by taking the lid off for 10 minutes. After a week or two, they put a Boveda pack in and stop burping. Let it sit in the dark for a month at least before smoking.

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That’s where I run into an issue…I have a plant in the tent that I could partially harvest, but have no where to dry it tent wise. :frowning:

Cut some early samples and hang them on a wire coat hanger in a box. That will keep humidity in. I just did that a week ago. The samples were awesome so I cut the whole plant down and now it’s hanging upside down in a box. My tents are too full of plants to use.


@dmykins @Astrocreep drying and curing in the garage. Temp in the attic is too hot outside the tent.


You do not want to dry in the same tent you are growing, lights degrade thc pretty quick when not attached to the plant, which it is recommended to dry with the lights off. You could definitely harvest parts of it at a time. But I would highly recommend finding a different spot to dry them.

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Also buying a hydrometer that will fit I to your Mason jars will help you a tremendous amount.

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I converted a shower into my dry room. Also due to humidity here, my buds dont completely dry by hanging. I place in paper bag & check with hygrometer.

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@Laurap @Greenlantern @Aolelon

What are the temps like in your area? I could probably place them in a box with a couple vent holes and run a dehumidifier if possible…

What are the temp and RH ranges I should shoot for?

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temps right now are pretty mild. I live in the mid west and it tends to get hot and extremely humid. so 90F and 60-70% humidity is fairly common in the summer if not higher.
I would say around 70F and 50% humidity would be the perfect temp for a drying room. If need be yea you can throw a dehu in there. set it for around 60% and check how they are daily.

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I’ll have to rig up a box and test it out. How bad will it smell with no carbon filter?

Honestly I am not sure. @Greenlantern would have to answer that.

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I think rh 40-50 is ideal for drying. Temps shouldn’t be over 75 degrees. I don’t really monitor that or drying time. I just check by touch daily. Once they get close. I finish process in jars.

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Is there too cold of a temperature?

As far as humidity, is rot or mold not a concern? Just the higher humidity the longer it takes to dry?

he was asking about the smell with drying in a cardboard box without a carbon filter

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I agree wi

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@Laurap @Aolelon @Greenlantern

Essentially is the humidity only matter because it will take longer to dry? Or is mold and rot not a concern when drying?

My drying room has a temp of 70F & humidity of 50%, with an oscillating fan on low. When I hang my trimmed plants up on hangers, I dry for 2-3 days hanging, then put the buds in a box for another 2+ days with a small hygrometer. Once the hygrometer says 64-65, I put the buds in jars with that same hygrometer; burp 2x a day for a week or 2, then 1x a day for a week or 2. Once the humidity in the jars is safely at 61-62, you can stop burping as regularly.


Mold and rot is definitely a concern while drying, which is why you want some air movement, just not over the buds. I’m sure you could get away with none in a smaller room. Also with lower temps (70) than say 80-85 and 50-60% humidity mold will not develop as easy.

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@Aolelon @blackthumbbetty

What would be considered too cold to dry?