Questions on cloning

From a fellow grower:

I did have question about cloning. How tall and how old should your plants be beforing attempting to make clones? Also, how long do mother plants live before they eventually start budding? Lastly, how do you know if your plant has changed from female to hermaphrodite? I believe those are my main questions for the time being.

before clonnin the plant should be at least 2 months old.
the mother plant will never flower if u give it 18 hours of light.

cuttings should be 4-6" inches have 3 or more nodes bigger is better but not where fan leaves are concerned too any large fan leaves will transpire faster and potentially dry out. To avoid this cut 30% off all large fan leaves do not cut newer smaller leaves mist and let it have some fresh air several times a day keep them under dome high humidity. Don’t take clones from a sick plant or stressed plant mothers can stay in veg for years if well treated and given proper light cycle. Clones root faster on 18/6 with 70f temps 90% rh and balanced not too intense light don’t expect 100% survival rate plan for 50% first few times you clone until you refine your technique.

  1. Your plant needs to be at least one month old before you take cuttings.

  2. Mothers don’t have a shelf life as long as you keep them in a dedicated light cycle of 18/6-20/4 photo period.

Last. You recognize hermie traits when pollen sacks appear where your female pistils should be forming.

Please download and read Robert’s Free Grow bible.

I take my clones from flowering mothers. I don’t use just one or two. I pick and choose from 15 or 20 female plants that have been in flower for two weeks. When I flip my clones to 12/12 it’s almost over nite they start to flower it’s like they pick right up from when they were snipped and I’m the one with the
5th generation clones of White Widow


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