Questions from a first time grower

I meant to ask what RH means. I really am very new to all this.

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Relative humidity. The chart shows the ideal humidity target range for the temperature and the color code is for the different stages of growth.

Thank you. :smile:

Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to be super precise just keep your temp and humidity pretty close to the range as best as you can manage in your grow space. Good luck. Welcome to grow college. This is a very good place to learn. The search tool is your friend. Most answers can be found by reading topics related to your questions and you’ll pick up lots of other useful information in the process. Also helps you find other growers who are experienced in the particular methods of growing that you are using so you get more precise answers for your setup.


Yes it can get a little overwhelming when there is so much to learn. I guess when it comes down to it even failure isn’t a bad thing if something is learnt on the way. We will just take it one day at a time and keep our fingers crossed. :slight_smile:


Best attitude to have.