Questions for the pros

This is my third grow and i was wondering if it was possible to clone the piece i cut off when i top the plant :potted_plant: :thinking: :sweat_smile:


Sure go for it as long as it’s a photoperiod plant.

Auto or photo , i know you can clone both of them aslong as u do it right

Sure, as mentioned, it’s best with a photo vrs an auto. Reason is the clone, if it roots, is the same age as the mother plant. An auto only has a certain amount of lifespan then it’s done. A photo you can literally keep going for a years or more.
There’s several people on here who’ve rooted cuttings from autos and grown a single bud!
It’s 1 more bud than you had I guess, but a lot of work for 1 bud! LOL!
Autos are great and offer a lot of flexibility.

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Damn! Meant photos are flexible!
Super Skunk clone smoke got me!! :rofl: