Questions for the Experts

Got lots of questions but this one has me :scream:.

Is this a male or maybe a hermie? Not sure how to tell.
I started this one before I discovered ILGM.
It’s a Dutch Crunch photo period, a friend gave me the seeds. It was planted outdoors April 3 and seemed to be doing well.

Looks like a male


Yup, straight male. Looks like it might have spider mites also


Looks like the pollen sacks have already droped they drop b4 opening


That’s what I thought. Lesson learned! Get quality feminized seeds. The plant isn’t in to pre-flower yet so don’t think it’s far enough along to pollinate my autos that are around the corner in the greenhouse. Gonna go pull it now but really worried :weary: about my girls that are well into flowering. Do you think I’m okay?


Put trash bag around it then pull it and get rid of it that’s what I did when I had a Male it might be overkill


Thanks @Cyle1. Good suggestion. Still worried :flushed:

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As long as none had opened yet should be all good

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He’s gone! Boo :unamused: hoo! Gonna have a memorial tomorrow with friends and family. Thinking ribs and shrimp :fried_shrimp: on the Bar-b, beer and something to toke on for comfort. Thanks for confirming what I needed to do. Darn Horny males anyway LOL.


I have been seeing a few real fine spider webs on some of my plants but no spiders @Bobbydigital. Are they destructive? Should I try to get rid of them and any suggestions on how?

Could be spider mites… super harmful if not handled immediately…I use good air circulation on plants (pests don’t like wind)… then preventative measures are a must. Every 2 weeks i spray leaves and soil with organic neem oil 1tsp ro a quart of RO water 6.8ph with 1tsp Murphy wood soap organic… it may be too late once infested so preventative maintenance is key but IF once infested you’re staYing away from harsh chemicals, then use some food grade h202 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking soda and water as foliar spray… this may do the trick… but no guarantees… hope this helps


Thanks for your detailed feedback and advice @Hoaglud11. Are the organic Neem oil and Murphy’s wood soap typically available in local hardware and garden centers or isomething I should order online?

You need a magnification device to really see them. They are really small. But if you’re going to just toss it, no need to treat it.

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That’s definitely a Male, and the pollen sacks mean its beyond what would be considered pre-flower.


I ordered the neem oil online on amazon and the wood oil at walmart but I believe you can get both in store at any home and garden center like home depot etc… happy to help :):wink:

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Hey @fRIEDfRED you can still clone that Male. Just passing thru. Do get feminized seeds though.

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Thanx @stretchgfw.1957, didn’t even think about that - only it’s too late. I bagged it and destroyed, mourning is full on (jus kidding but the memorial is turning into a real party). Forgive this noobs ignorance, if you clone a male would you get a male clone?

Agreed Feminized seeds are the way to go. Freebees rarely work. Have ILGM autos in various stages in the 12x8’ greenhouse. Looked carefully at all of them through a 30x jewelers glass and don’t see any signs of spider mites. May have got lucky and will start treating following @Hoaglud11 suggestions.

Yep good seed is where it at

Male clone = Male plant yes. Clone is identical to the parent plant.