Questions before start

From a fellow grower:

How many plants could I comfortably fit in my space with that strain?

Should I run multiple lights to help concentrate the light or run one big light? If multiple lights, 2 600w? 3 400w? Etc

Should I do different strains or stick with one?

And finally…
Should I always have plants vegetating so that I can rotate my plants so that I can produce more marijuana more often. I have more room for multiple tents if that is the case.

Thank you for any help. Can’t wait to get started. Only a month or so before I place my order!!

Grow different strains every time to find what one’s you like . if able to grow 3 plants grow 3 different strains. but what is going to be the size of grow space? has a lot to do with it -lighting ?

I would need a size of space you are planning to grow in to give you any valid answers except lighting is like horse power no replacement for displacement so using 2 600’s would be my choice over a 1000w simply do to foot print increase 3 400’s would 2 600’s 32 sqft 3 400’s 27 sqft or 1 1000 25 sqft and this is about the max I would expect these lights to be efficient at.