Questions Before 1st SCROG

I have the Sativa Mix from ILGM on the way. Strawberry Cough, Chocolope and Super Lemon Haze. All feminized photos.

4 x 4 x 6 1/2 tent with lights for 5 x 5 veg and 4 x 4 flower. 5 gallon buckets. FFHF with FFOF underneath. FF nutz. Humidifier and dehumidifier ready. Tent in walkout basement with AC and heat pump - stays 70 degrees/70% RH most days. Auxiliary heater available also. Water pH 5.9 - 6.4

I will be topping hard for multiple branching and LSTing branches prior to SCROG. 1st net 4" x 4" opening, second 6". 18/6 veg - 12/12 flower.

What strain would you start?
2, 3 or 4 plants as it is my first time?
Veg days?

What have I forgotten?

What are your scrog net dimensions?

4x4. Forgot to put that in.

So you’re running one net with both 4” and 6” squares? Just trying to visualize your set up. Or are you running a double net, one higher than the other?

Double net. Lower will be 4" squares and upper will be 6" as I plan it today. 4’ x 4’ or 3’ x3’ - which ever I am told will be better for my 1st time trying this. I am planning for a learning grow - not a “maximum” yield if that makes sense. Don’t need to cover the entire 4x4 with tops. Just want to learn and get better for grow #2.

If you’re going to go with double screens then you are going for maximum yield. In that case I’d stick with one plant. One plant with a double screen will fill a 4x4 easily.


Thank you. That is what I was looking to hear. Plus, it would be easier to manage one and learn on this run.


can I ask a basic question or two? whats a scrog, 3x3 and 4x4 ?I’m VERY new obviously and just setting up a grow room in a closet of my house. is there a link to all these terms, that I haven’t found yet? Thanks

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A scrog is a net that hold down the plant and lets single buds grow up vertical thru the net allowing the buds to get all the light at an even canopy. 3x3 and 4x4 are the sizes of the squares in the net 3" or 4" holes or squares. Here is a home made scrog i made this is just the top net it connects to a base that the plant sits on to hold it down. Kinda cool. Check out @AfgVet retirement countdown thread. She has some bad ass setup going all scrogs Vet r


It stands for SCreen Of Green. As Mark stated it’s just a net that you use to flatten out the canopy giving all bud sites the same amount of light. This is the beginning and end


thanks. SO i take it it’s also a way to prop them up and train them, too. I’m just getting started, starting with a 5/5 closet/grow room inside.

can someone point me to a “start here” post/thread for an absolute new indoor grower? Thanks for the replies too. The terminology on top of all of the content here is OVERWHELMING!

Have a nice sunday Bill in NC

It definitely can be. Here is a thread with the most common acronyms you’ll see here.

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